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My fursisters

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These cats belong to my Mom and I wanted to post them here.


Little Girl


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Awwwww look at those little munchkins
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Beautiful cats!
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They're beautiful! I love Cocoa's markings
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What lovely sweethearts!! Look at those little mittens Peanut has...TOO cute. Those are some lovely cats your mom has there...give them some chin scritches from me!
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what adorable little angels
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Peanut is actually a kitten not much older than Liberty Mouse. She was found in Mom's backyard. Mom thinks she was just a couple of days old at the time. The mother cat was a neighbors cat that had kittens then she died leaving 2 kittens behind in a tree. The kittens fell out and my brother found them and called Mom. She hand raised the kittens but sadly the sibling to Peanut did not make it.

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Beautiful! I just love Peanut's big ears
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