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HEavy breathing...

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My new cat marko well.. he breathes real heavy.. almost a wheeze, mostly when he is stressed and when he is active... ive had cats my whole life and i have never seen a cat pant or breathe like that, especially from play.. he is young.. maybe about 3 months..

anyone have any idea what might be wrong.. or not wrong with him?
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2 things: is he long or short-haired? I notice my longhair kitten doing it, but not my others.

Also, has he been checked out by a vet? Panting can sometimes be caused by heart problems.
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and no.. i just got him from the ottawa county humane society. but i go tmy other cat form there and they did the same vet checks on her he supposedly received.. soo idk..

he has been treated for worms.. and has been checks for that kitty respirtory disease they can have.. and has been nuetured..
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I wonder if your kitty has allergies which could be making him have asthma like reactions to exertion. Just a thought.
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I agree with BarbB, it's possible Marko has asthma. If this is the case, your vet can prescribe medication that will help your cat breathe more easily and feel better. But no one here can tell you for sure what's wrong, so the best thing you can do is take him to the vet.
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Could be several things already mentioned. Simple as upper respiratory infection that is just showing up now after incubating in the shelter. Asthma and heart disease. Call your vet and get this little guys checked out, we can only suggest here. A cat will eat and drink and act fairly normal until there disease is progressed, so now is better than later.
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