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Hi! Below are pics of my babies!!

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Don't get confused .....there are 3 different black and white cats here....
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Lovely fur crew you have!!
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Awww now their what i call love bugs!
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Gorgeous kitties!!
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I love the second to last's adorable. What are their names?
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awwwww such cuties i love pic of your baby in the sink
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Thanks to all for the nice comments!

I have really weird names for them LOL. Here goes.... The gray one is Tuti, the one in the sink is Kuki, the black and white laying in the bed next to Chococat is Kikisito, black and white sleeping in the chair is kike and the orange and white one is Mufasa.

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Oh my goodness they are all so beautiful!
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What precious kitty cats Your Tuti looks like my Tino ......
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