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Full Orange Tabbies

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I was reading the favorite breeds thread, and I thought of how much I like orange tabbies, and how I would love to see everyone's full orange tabbies (like tubee, they can be purebreed or mix)So here is my baby.

Now lets see yours.

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Captain Squishy Fuzzypants:

Garfield Hoppington IV:


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Awwww! Your kitties are adorable!!! I want pet Captain Squishy Fuzzypants! He is sooooo cute!!! Thanks for posting!

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Blondie Rumpleteaser, in a very, very rare posing type shot. She is usually either meowing, pouting, running or hiding

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I only have the 2 ...

Dum Dum (actually, Crystalville Don Juan)

And Lou (actually PR. Coomakista Lovo theLongarm)

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Here is my Orange baby. Liberty Mouse

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^^^ your kitty looks just like my Alfie!!
here are my two:

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awe, I'm in love
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Here is My Dunkin, sleepin in Moms Bed

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OMG I just love full red tabbies!! Have a few myself:

Stumpy, the king of the household with his best buddy, our red dog Sam. I like how their colors match:

Scarlett, undisputed queen of the house, sitting on her throne, which happens to be my DH's arms:

Pinky, my big fluffy boy:

Oscar, my shy one:

Lucky Pierre, my semi-feral boy:

And Jake, my bottle fed orphan that I adopted to my best friend. I will always consider myself his first mom:

My other 2 "reds" are posted in the red/white cat thread.

And since I'm a red-head whose color basically matches the color of my cats, I can never bring myself to call them "orange tabbies", as I would not want to be called "orange haired". I think the brits call them gingers, which is probably the most appropriate name that I've ever heard.
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NOT FAIR to post pictures of one of my fav color cats! They are all gorgeous
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here's my princess and ruler of the house (what is it about orange girls? ) Sapphire!
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Oh My Goodness! They`re all sooo cute!
Gotta love the ginger/orange dudes

Kitty wants to join in but he has some white on him
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there's an orange and white thread!! I wanna see pics of that handsome devil!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
there's an orange and white thread!! I wanna see pics of that handsome devil!
Found it! Just need to find some super handsome pics
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