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Calling all Grey/White Kitties.

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Since I started a thread in regards to solid grey kitties, I felt I had to give my other cat Sassy equal billing. As you can see Sass is Grey and White and completely adorable. ( I may be bias) So again I am interested and curious to see all the other Grey and White Kitties out there as well.

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My samba is a gray in white, he looks almost like a black and white but he is a little bit lighter. Here you go!(lots of pics!)

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Here are my grey and white kitties:



Sisterly love:

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Here's my Lil Bit.....I think she would be considered gray and white...

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Awwww all of your baby's are precious!



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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post

All the kitties listed so far are adorable but my goodness how can you not fall in love with a little face like this one.
Makes me want to run out and bring a few more kitties home...She is gorgeous
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She truely is a little darling!!
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Weve got the best looking kitties on this site do you know that!!
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Yay!! Molly wants to join in!

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Just one of my recent RB kitty Gizmo...

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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Yay!! Molly wants to join in!

That face!

I can't resist it!
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Here's Peter, the sweet, handsome kitty man in my life.

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I dont have this little guy anymore. He was one of my fosters and was adopted in 3 days. But I had him about 3 weeks until he was big enough to neuter. His name was Ash now hes Tommy.

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Here's my Sassy, she is grey and white, but looks almost black.

All of the grey and whites are so beautiful, don't you think?
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Grey and white kitties sure are gorgeous!

This is my big baby boy, Christopher Cody:

This is my baby brother, Acupuncture:

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Originally Posted by Okuda View Post

He has a goatee!
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hahaha That's why my husband wanted him, so he would match his goatee!
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Our handsome gray and white kitty, Lex!
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Cute Kitties everyone!!!

Not sure if this is where Chevy goes, but he has some white, and isn't solid. He's my beautiful grey tabby boy!!!

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all these kitties are gorgeous!!!
here's my Demeter
keeping herself lovely

look at that moose!

as an adorable baby
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WOW! LOTS of Grey & White KITTIES
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These are so adorable!!

Alas, I have 2 gray tabbies but no pure gray and whites at this moment - these are all OTB kitties. Gray and white cats all seem to have such a good demeanor and I loved all of these cats dearly.

Hippocrates, was my first cat and first love. When he crossed, Max adopted us. A female stray (Shep) wandered into our lives and lived with us for about 12 years. A gray/white male stray (Rocky) also wandered into our lives (roughly 10 year old unneutered male who was promptly neutered) and lived with us for a few years. Shep and Rocky were hunting buddies at our farm. I can't find a picture of Rocky.

Here is Hippocrates (AKA Hipster), around 1978:

And Max, around 1990:

And Shep (sleeping with our dogs while puppies), around 2003:
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Oh what cute gray and white kitties! Here's my newest addition, Jack:

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My beautiful boy, Douglas!

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