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URGENT - Glass Cut

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Hi there,

A couple of hours ago my father was in the kitchen and Kurshat was around him. Then he dropped the plate and it was broken. He said Kurshat ran away. Then we say a couple of bloody glass pieces on the floor. Well, the pieces are big, about 2" and they were covered with blood.

A couple of minutes ago I saw a wound on Kurshat's head. Its 5am over here and there are no vets open. He is acting normal though. Eating, no crying. He is currently sleeping near me. I cleaned the wound with a piece of wet cotton and he didnt mind. No meows. I think he would meow when I touch if it would hurt.

The strange thing is the wound is about half an inch in size and doesnt look deep. There is blood in the wound but its not flowing, I cleaned the wound and it looks clean there but still a bit bloody looking. I dont understand where all the blood on the broken pieces came from. He is a long hair himalayan with a white coat. I could easily determine any tear of blood on his coat but there is no blood. I just dont understand what happened in the kitchen.

I think I wont sleep tonight, although he is sleeping. I will stay by his side. I hope he will be fine. Anything I can do about the wound? And how can I understand if it was just a small cut that will recover in a couple of days or an important wound.

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Do get him to the vet when they open please
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It sounds like you cleaned him up well. I would be sure to take him to the vet in the morning. I would probably not worry right now as the bleeding stopped and you said he is white so you could tell right away if her was bleeding somewhere else. Have you checked his paws real good?
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Yeah definately, there are no wounds anywhere else
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I had a similar emergency one night and did phone my vet as the glass went thru her hind leg to the bone. His advice to me was: as long as it the blood flow is under control, then I could bring her in to him in the morning. But he did advise to keep her in a confined space so that she didn't move around a lot and so that I could easily check on her overnight.

It sounds like your boy was not cut seriously, but do keep a close eye on him overnight.

(I didn't sleep well either)
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I hope you can get them to a vet as soon as possible and that all is ok.
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Yeah, it doesn't sound too bad, but I'd get him into the vet when they open... they'll probably want to clean it out some more and just make sure he doesnt need stitches (and possibly give him a short run of antibiotics - depends on the vet)... Oliver cut his foot open accidentally last summer: my vet glued the skin up after cleaning it out, E-collared him (cuz he wouldnt leave it alone) and put him on Clavamox... the Clav was an extra precaution because Oliver is FIV+... it all healed up just fine... I'm sure your kitty will be just great
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