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Calling All Solid Grey Kitties.

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I have notice since I become a member a number of kitties that are almost identical to my Linus.
So here is a thread for your solid grey fur babies, I am curious to see how many there are out there.
Here's Linus in his Aren't I a Handsome pose.

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This is Grabat, technically not my kitty but I take care of her.

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Here's one who doesn't look like Linus!

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Here is my Greta.

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Look at those beautiful eyes on Greta! And Radar...

Keep the picures coming!
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here's Mouse, my RB baby.
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what beautiful kitties everyone has!!!!
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oooh! I got one of these too!!

and a Rainbow baby, Zeus
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ok well u asked for it Heres my Blue girls

and here she is skinny, lol when she first came

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These make me want a grey kitty


Originally Posted by Epona View Post
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Here's my big boy, Asher:

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Here's my Big Boy Levi

My RB kitty Smokey

Even though he's long hair, we can't leave Isaac out

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Oh my! What beautiful blue and grey kitties we have here at TCS!
Now I want to run right out and get one for MY house!
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Anyone asked for a grey cat? This is Natasha.

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Here's Sylvie, with her babies:

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Here is Nabu.

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They are all such beautiful blues/grey kittes.

Here's my RB boy Sphinx.

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MMMMMMMM gray cat overload!!

Here's Zoey and Saki

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Now those are some of the most gorgeous grey kitties I have ever seen...But then again I may be bias
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Heres Maneki Neko...

His arm is shaved in the one photo because when I rescued him he had to have a blood transfusion from being SO flea aneimic (spelling?) He was hanging on by a thread... He didn't even have the strength to lift his head. He now has auto immune hemolylitic aneima from the blood transfusion. But he is doing well on the steriods.

He has more then thanked me for saving him though... He's turned out to be the SWEETEST cat you ever did want to meet. Every night at bed time, he has to come over and snuggle for about 5 minutes and then he goes and lays dow in his kitty bed and goes to sleep too...
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Sleepy boy

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