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my cat is very clingy

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my kitten refuses to leave my side. it's very cute and sweet but at times a bit annoying. when i'm eating, he'll jump on my lap and try to eat people food. when i'm at my desk, he'll jump onto the desk and walk all over my keyboard. when i'm in the bathroom, he'll stay outside and meow and meow until i come out. is this normal behavior? i always heard cats hated attention, that they just want to be left alone more of the time. and he's only like this with me. he never jumps on my parent's laps even though my mom pats him just as much as i do. when he's on my computer or the table, i pick him up and place him on the floor but he just jumps right back up. he won't listen to me. i tell him no in a firm voice when i see he's about to jump up but he completely ignores me. he isn't very well disciplined at least not around me. what can i do?
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I deal with the same thing - my cats are always under my feet, on my laptop, trying to snatch food off my plate - they are always in the same room as I am unless they are using the litterbox or something. I'm not the best to ask what to do though; I am kind of lenient and usually laugh when they do things they really shouldn't, as long as they are safe (I'm probably going to end up raising a pair of holy terrors)...and just grateful that my kitties don't hide all the time.
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He wuvs you!! When my cats are near me and want to jump up somewhere near my where I don't want them, I tell them "NO" sternly, then put my hand out (like saying "Stop") until they back down. When she walks away, I tell her she's such a good kitty! Your kitty will learn, but the training process is sometimes long and difficult.

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My cat does the same exact thing... of those things, I personally don't mind him following me into the bathroom or climbing on the desk much, I just push him off when he's right on top of the laptop, usually he sits next to me, gives me a lil nose kiss and looks out the window... when he's at my feet and I'm walking I just let him go first so I don't trip... the big one I always hated was the food... I live alone so I sit on the couch with a tray, and when he started pawing at my food as a kitten I was just very consistent about pushing him away and telling him no, he still comes and takes a sniff, but as soon as he sees my hand or elbow to nudge him, he sits.

He's just being a kitten, exploring his boundaries. Be consistent with what you want and don't want him to do and he'll get the hint as time goes on... it gets much easier... plus it's nicer to have a companion than a cat that just sits there and ignores you, there are times I actually wish he would sit with me more than he does

Plus, I agree, a kitten that hides is not fun. I had that situation for months... I literally never saw Seamus for what seemed like weeks looking back... he managed to hide in the craziest places.
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oh i know. the first week we brought Darcy home, he hid in the strangest places. i was so worried. i spent hours and hours trying to find him.
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how old is your kitten?
possibly taken away from its mother too young and you have become its mother. or you just have a clingy cat like my that cant be left more than 1 min tops
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he's about 14 weeks old
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Originally Posted by chipsdeluxe View Post
he's about 14 weeks old
It may seem annoying now but enjoy it while you can because once he hits those awkward teenage years (i.e. at about 20-25 weeks) he might become less so. My kitty is about 22 weeks and whereas he used to follow me everywhere, now he is much more independent. He's still very affectionate (on his terms!) but he'll do his own thing now.
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It's normal behavior for lots of kittens. Even if they've had plenty of time with their cat mother, when you take them away and home with you you're suddenly the new mom.

It gets a bit better as they get older, they start to get a little more independent. Some cats will still want to know where their human mom is though so don't be surprised if you can never go to the bathroom without a cat paw (or in my case - four paws) under the door.
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