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Who wants to get muddy!!

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Earlier today in the daily thread I eluded briefly to what we did in our yard last night. Some might remember me posting pictures oh about 18 months ago of our Elm tree being cut down.

After much procrastination (Neil) we finally had someone come to remove the stump!!
No easy task as even with sandy soil it took over 90 minutes to get it loose.
I could have had a very nice but small swimming pool with the hole.
Anyhow the backhoe could not move the stump once out of ground.
Not to mention the quite torn up area (pictures coming).

So we are exercising option #1 and yes pressure washing the soil off to lighten the weight. *Note to self* don't wear a white T-shirt.
Anyhow I have Neil's bathrobe hanging in the garage as those clothes are not coming in the house.

We will let the stump dry a few days and see if it can be dragged (via the road) to its final resting spot. If not we might try to cut it with a BIG chain saw or last resort have a bonfire where it stands to reduce some of the weight (oh joy!!)

Or I could just have it as "Yard Art"

Its getting dark now but I'll take a picture to share but its resting on the stump and the root mass is taller than I am (I'm 5"8")

But if anyone wants to volunteer to spray more soil off please wear your oldest clothes.
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I'll send Colin your way! I prefer not to get muddy myself
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Why don't you get someone to come over with a stump grinder?
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you butchered.... a ...T...T...T....... tree...?...... wahhhhhhhhh...wahhhh...wahNever mind its over and done with now lol... so ...I think I would get someone to dig up the roots and see if they can replant it somewheres else
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Actually it was an elm tree that become infected with dutch elm disease and "passed away" as several other elm trees on our property have done.

The stump is nearly three feet across and we want to plant another tree in the general area so we had to have it dug out-just a bigger task than we thought!!
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