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cat rumor

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Hi, I've been trying to confirm a rumor about cats. I've heard from a few people that cats can tap out the harmonic resonace of an object until it vibrates to peices. For example a cat tapping on a door and it sounds like a grown man banging on it. I've also heard of them tearing up bridges. I know this sounds pretty far fetched. If anyone knows anything, or heard any more rumors about this, lemmie know.
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Hello! Welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet you. Now, I've not heard rumors such as you describe; nor do I have expert knowledge regarding resonant frequencies. So I'll have to pass on this one. I just wanted to extend greetings!

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Welcome Grey!

Nope, I haven't heard anything about it either... My cats never tap at the door, they sort of trying to scratch it open
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Hey Grey,

Welcome to the Cat Site - great group of people here. AS you can probably tell I am rather new only on about 60 posts so far its gonna take me ages to get up any where near the amount of posts Anne has against her name

Okay as far as the noises go - I recently (like the day before yesterday saw a documentary on cats.. Now lets see if I can remember it.....they do not hear noises as loud as that (I am sure that if they did they would for ever be cowering in a quiet corner some place all the time). They have better hearing that humans int he sense that they can pin point a mouse and know exactly where it is. does that make sense to anyone. not louder but sharper....

Sheesh I hope that that is explained ok.
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Nice to meet you Grey....I've never heard that before either...but who knows? welcome to the site!!!
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