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kitty crazy...

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Hi, I have a new kitten. She's 10 weeks old and we've had her home in our apartment 2 weeks. She's gotten very irritable the last few days and she attacks our feet. She won't sit still for a minute and races all over the place.

Is this normal?

My wife is getting worried that she'll always be like this. She used to be very nice when she first came home. She'd come up on the couch with us and snuggle on our laps and on our chests. I love her to death, but I don't know how much my wife can take. Any advice on how long this lasts?
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Yes it's normal I've got a 4 month old kitten and he's hyper compaired to what my older cats were at his age.

Usually they do grow out of it, and once their spayed/neutered they can quieten down a bit.

Mines chewed through two mouse cables, the powerpack for the laptop, the beads at the bottom of my blinds, but i love the little monkey to bits because he doesn't know whats right from wrong.
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ok, that sounds wonderful. I was also wondering though. I read in a few places that "scruffing" is a good way to discipline cats. I tried it once and she calmed down a lot. What's the general consensus on that?
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She's just a baby and she has a lot of months to act like this - they may slow down around a year old, sometimes longer then that. Is she spayed? If not, schedule her to be spayed by 4 months old.

You can play with her interactively with string toys, balls, etc. to help use up the energy. If she's an only cat, you may consider a 2nd kitten to help use up the energy
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