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Trying to buy a cat condo/tree

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I can't find a cat condo for a decent price.. I've seen them for upwards of like $300..

I want a fairly large one and I'll pay the right price.. I'm not trying to be cheap but I don't want to pay an arm either..

Any ideas of where to buy one?
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I don't know if you have a Petsmart in your area but I saw a really nice one there today for $150 Canadian.
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Pretty decent prices and a portion goes to a shelter of your choice.
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If you do ebay, you can find an Armarkat cat tree usually for under $100, including shipping. We bought ours for around $30, and shipping was around $60 I think. If you can find one, and no one else bids, you can win it for usually under $5. Most of the cat trees are valued between $250 and $300. Some people dont like them, but I love mine. It's sturdy, my cat jumps on it all the time and it never falls over. They love playing on it. If you want the link, you can PM me and I'll send it to you. I dont know if I can post the link since its ebay or not.
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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Look on this site for some good leads on cat furniture; other sources include Petco or, PetsMart or, and Drs. Foster & Smith or . GOOD LUCK! Also try good "pet" supply stores in your area -- sometimes you'll find excellent quality at very good prices this way.
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Petsmart and Petco have the larger treehouses for under $250 - many of them around $200.

You can go online (ebay) and hopefully win one that is usually $1 and the cost of shipping with can be under $200
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They always have that "overpriced" feel to me, they can't be that hard to make. Many are just 2x4s or plywood covered in carpet. I must try to make my own one day.
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Oh I really wanted to make my own and design it the way I wanted to and make sure that it wouldn't easily tip over.. but now I must say I'm lazy in the "building" department because I start my job on Monday.. So I was just going to use atleast 2 of my paychecks and splurge on jungle gyms and big condos and what not.. Plus, when little Callie comes home, she'll need a nice warm place to cuddle with Petrie and call her own (she's a "naked" kitty.. lol)..
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Try - very good prices.
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Amarkat is the only one I've heard of under $100 with shipping.

We decided to build our own instead. It's much sturdier than any store bought tree. If you're handy at all, you can get most everything you need at a hardware store. If we hadn't needed tools it would have been more like $50 for supplies. And Home Depot cut the levels (it was a 8x4 fiberboard, cut to 2x2 pieces) for us. We just had to cut a hole for them to jump through. DH cut 2x4's for posts. 2 are sisal wrapped, the rest are going to be carpeted. We got remnants for all of the carpeting. Berber for the levels, and shaggier for the posts. We used long deck screws for attaching the supports, 2 in each post. And staples for the carpet. We bought cement tubes for the cradle perches at the top.
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one word: eBay.
ok, it's more than one word, but that's because you can't post anything that short. anyway, i bought my tallest tree on Ebay. the tree was about $20, & shipping was $50. here's what it looks like: tree.
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I got mine from It's huge, cost me $150, so I think it's worth the money. It was easy to put together, and they have tons and tons of condos in all different shapes and colors. You can build it also if you're handy!
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We got ours on Ebay for a good price (brand new)

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I highly recommend Ebay and Armakat trees too! They have either a 3 month or 6 month warrenty too, I can't remember which. But, they are very sturdy and you can get them for a great price. If you're not familiar with Ebay, let us know and we can walk you through it.
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As a 2nd purchase on Ebay... I got this baby for $110.. It's 78" high, 42" long, 38" wide.. I got measuring tape out and GOODDDNNEESS!! It's almost 6 1/2 feet tall!! The bigger the better though!

Thanks to everyone for your referrals! We'll see how well these Armakat condos/trees hold up and I may end up getting another and having my entire home decked out in cat and dog accessories! lol The dogs already have toddler beds for themselves in my room.. Spoiled children I tell ya!
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