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This is weird

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Open a new Word document, then type this: =rand(200,99)
Press enter and wait a few seconds.
Any ideas why it does what it does?
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I use word perfect - what happens?
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Wow...first time I see that.
it has to be some kind of trick

must be programmed in the function somehow.

Kellye, it ends up printing 3 pages of "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" at least, that's what happened to me,
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Same here, Ghys.
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It's something that the programmers do when they get bored. A hidden thing that only they know about and others can stumble upon.

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Ginger...I guess some people REALLY have too much time on their hands!!!!

Brenda, how did you stumble across that????
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Well, I'll be darned! ?????
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There are other ones in Word too (which I can't remember right now). One of them starts up this video game looking screen that takes you through a maze.

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That is wicked! Only I got 260 pages of quick brown fox!
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it's called an "easter egg" A lot of programmers add them for fun. Here's a great website about them:

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now I have been playing with the different sites LOL its been fun!
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Thanks Myste. That takes care of an hour of my life!
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lol How did you discover that?
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