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KMR... Enfamil...?

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I was wondering if this was okay to feed to the kittens instead of the KMR... I ran out of KMR this afternoon so I went up to not one, not two, but THREE pet stores to get another tin of powdered KMR. Not a single one of them had any and weren't going to have their order in for another week or so.

I Checked my vet and the vet they are associated with.. and neither had any either.

I ended up going to another vet clinic and paid $34 for a SMALL tin!!!! That is ridiculous. I can buy a small tin for $13 at petsmart. And a large for $24.

And I see that the Enfamil has pretty well the same as KMR.. so I was just wondering if it was okay. If I can it will save me money in the long run.. considering these guys are eating 60ccs + every feeding. (for all of them together)
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If it were me, I'd try the Catsip formula before I'd try the enfamil. If you do use the enfamil, make sure it's iron and lactose free. I was going to try the Enfamil with a litter of kittens once, but my vet said it was almost too rich and if I couldn't find the KMR, use the catsip that could be found at WAlmart...but that was a long time ago....
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Thanks. I've never heard of Catsip though.

But I tried them with a can of Wellness kitten today and they ate quite a bit of it through the syringe.. so I'm hoping this is going to cut my KMR costs down a whole bunch. Now I just gotta fork out even more money for the cans of Wellness.
They are so worth it though.
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