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I don't understand this at all...

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This is just an excuse to get books out of the hands of those who need them the most.
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All I can say is Why!?!?!?! Is there something wrong with a prisoner being religious or becoming religious!!!

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That is just so dumb. Even if they were only removing books on Islam (which would be clear discrimination), it would not prevent prisoners from being terrorists. It would just make it more attractive because it is forbidden.

I think prisoners should be allowed to read anything they want, regardless of ideology and religion. They are human beings after all and even if they may need to be physically put away for the safety of others, there's no reason to prevent them from growing mentally or spiritually.
In many cases, religion can help even hardened criminals change their way... so why forbid it?

This makes no sense.
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i think prisoners should get back to being prisoners.
onliy rights they should get is food, water, medical care, and a new hammer every year to beat big rocks into tiny little rocks. they dont need books, or TV.
Your a prisoner for a reason.
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IMO (that is the name of this forum, right? ), I don't think it's bad to let prisoners have access to books. I'd much prefer they focus on reading/education than working out. I don't see the point in limiting religious texts, though. Perhaps prisons should be involved in the library system, so they can request books located at another library, so prisoners aren't limited only to the books available at their facility.

I am not very thrilled about the idea of prisoners having access to more amenities than many low-income households can afford. Cable? Not a chance. Let them read the newspaper. Air conditioning? Nope. One of my mortgage customers can't afford to turn her A/C on. She periodically has her phone and electricity turned off. Why should a prisoner, living on my (and your) dime have access to more? I'm a big fan of rehabilitation (if we're going to release them, we have to make sure they're "releasable"), but I don't see where lifting weights, A/C, and cable television fit in. Education is one of the few "luxuries" I can accept. Although, I think an education should be available to anyone, whether they commit a crime or not.
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