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problems with california natural, anyone?

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hey kitty folks, its been a long time since i posted here.

i had the cats on natural balance for a long time, but after some customer service problems with them regarding the recall, and my decision to start supporting our local family owned petstore rather than the petco, i switched our kitty kibble from NB to california natural chicken. two out of three cats are doing well, but my long haired boy francis started feeling kind of greasy, and he has some flakey skin... and he started getting these big nasty knots in his fur that i have had to cut off of him! its been a few months on the new food, and we are still having this problem! then i come to find out that my mother, who switched her cats when i did, is having the same troubles with mats in the fur and general greasiness on her long haired cat. im kind of bummed because i was really liking this food for my other cats, and the people i talked to at natura were really great... and ive been pretty happy with the canned EVO that we feed the cats as well. i kind of wanted to stick to all one company for foods after the big pet food recalls.

has anyone else had this greasy kitty problem with california natural? any suggestions?
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I feed California Natural, but I alternate every other bag, between that and Nutro.
Maybe my kitties don't develop greasiness because I alternate, not sure.
I do wash my cats monthly too and and they get weekly brushing.
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were they onNB venison>>??
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
were they onNB venison>>??
Mine are on the venison, are there problems with the venison?

Mine have been on the CN for a few months now and I havent noticed any hair or skin issues on my longhaired cat that eats it (or the shorthaired either)
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No the Op just said natural balence , the venison which was recalled ...if it is I suspect they cant do chn or rice
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I have a cat that got severely constipated on California Natural. To much brown rice in that food I think.
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No problems here, 2 of the 3 eat it.. they've been on it for a few months now, both are ragdolls so their hair is i guess medium in length?
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