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Would you trust a cat with a rabbit?

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Hi there,
My gf left his rabbit to me as she is on vacation and currently she is in the same room with Kurshat, my cat, wandering in the room. Kurshat keeps his eyes on her, very curiously. I am not sure if I should trust Kurshat. He has been with me more than a year and never bit anyone or even hissed. (even when my friends hug him to death) He only hissed at Ozmo (my old cat) when they are introduced but thats it. Findik (the rabbit) is much more smaller than him though.
When Findik goes over Kurshat, he jumps and goes away then try to sniff him. He hit her slowly with his paw to check out, but I shouted "NO".
I would never let them stay in the house together alone but now my eyes are on them. Kurshat is laying currently, watching Findik. I hope he wont jump on her and do something bad
Why risk it? Well, I do trust him a lot and he is very lonely. I thought they may play together but not sure if he sees him as a playmate or prey.
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Given the situation, I wouldn't leave them alone together, but you could probably supervise them in a room.

It really depends on the cat. Our turtle escaped the other day. Puppy ignored her completely. Bunny followed her around the house, but neither cat nor turtle appeared to have an injuries. Based upon how dry the turtle was, she had been out for most of the day, wandering around the first floor. I could trust them with a rabbit, but that's because they would do the same thing again. Puppy would ignore it, and Bunny would spend hours trying to determine whether it would play with her, but being to scared to try. (It's weird to talk about my cat Bunny playing with a hypothetical bunny....)

Make sure the rabbit isn't scared though. Even if the cat does nothing, the rabbit might be very frightened and feel more comfortable by itself.
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I wouldnt trust that situation at all. The cat I had as a child lived equally indoors and outdoors in the summer, and she regularly caught and ate rabbits. I know there are lots of stories of cats that befriend any number of different creatures, but youre still dealing with a predator-prey relationship. Maybe supervised time together would be okay, but if you leave them alone youre just asking for a dead or maimed rabbit and a p*ssed off girlfriend.
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Rabbit is definately cool with it. She is not scared of anything. Hopping here and there. She is very social, more social than Kurshat. She love to lick people and when you sit on bed or couch, she jumps near you.

I am actually bored of spying on them and put Kurshat outside of the room. He layed down on his back and tried to hit the rabbit with his paws slowly again. Well, we play with him like that (many cats do that I guess). He lays down on his back and holds my hands tight with his claws. He also bites when doing that. His is not really biting though. I know because I was giving some prize food one day and my finger was in his mouth. He wanted to chew the food and so my finger. After that day, I can see how gentle he bites when we are playing. It doesnt even hurt a little, he just grabs my hand with his teeth without smashing. Anyways, he tried to grab the rabbit with his paws like we do play but I didnt let ofcourse, since she is so small and can get hurt easily.

I seperated then now, Kurshat seems a little jelous though
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I would NEVER leave a cat/dog and a rabbit loose in the same room. I've had a rabbit chase the cat out of the room, you don't just leave them to all "play together nice".....that's a recipe for a dead bunny sooner or later!

And grabbing the rabbit and kicking with hind legs no matter how fast or slow is a prey kill action. The "bunny kick" will disembowel the prey and the rabbit will be dead. DO NOT let him ever do that to the rabbit!
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Well, I guess my cat Boo is one of the exceptional cats that love rabbit playmates. She and my daughters rabbit were best of friends before he died. They would chase each other and wrestle all over the house. They even slept curled up with each other. Not once did she ever put a mark on him. It was like she knew he was part of the family. If she has only been there a few days, of course keep an eye on them, but if you really know your kitty, then you will know when its getting dangerous.

ETA- My other two cats didn't like the rabbit at all. They would hiss if he came near and run away from him, but they never tried to attack him.
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Don't forget something else... if the rabbit were to ever bite the cat, it's teeth are a LOT longer and very sharp! We had larger rabbits and little ones, and while I did used to leave the older cats I knew didn't care about the larger rabbits (who also weren't interested) in the same space (and the bunny had hidey holes), I didn't do it with a new kitten who made a game out of challenging/chasing/fussing the miniature lop ear when I was out.
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