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Can cats tell if your sad?

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Well last night i got dumped my girlfriend and i was very sad and my cat (who usually isn't very affectionete) was sleeping with me and letting me pet her and being much more loving then usual. so can your cat tell if your sad? and if they can will they act nicer around you? thanks please reply
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Most definately! Whenever I'm down about something- or sick even, both my boys are extremely loving!

I had a horrid cold last week and was in bed straight for 2 days with a fever, and my little Bayley laid in bed with me all weekend He would sleep by me, or even bring up little toys to me so we could play

This is why cats are so wonderful, they are always there for you!
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My two babies are always able to tell when Im down about something. Barkley and Petunia will come and sit directly underneath me. Also when I dont feel well Barkley seems to know the exact place that I have pain and he will lay his head there or place his paw there. Cats know quite a bit about us.
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Thanks i was just wondering it was nice though my cat Blaze is so loving when i am sad she isn't really mean usually but she sometimes she seems sad she won't even look at me i don't know what is wrong but i am going to see the vet soon anyways so i will ask her.
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Blaze sounds like a sweet girl, much like my Tuni, she often mopes around and isnt always as affectionate as Barkley but she knows when things arent right with mommy and she comes to console me, even if she is only sitting by me and not directly on me like Barkley will.
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My Seamus is pretty affectionate and likes to be close to me most of the time, but I remember a few months ago I was crying about something and he just sat next to me and stayed right there til I was all better... he sat more upright and just watched me to make sure I was ok... it's great to have a companion like him when I'm not feeling 100%. They definitely have a sense of what we need as much as we have a sense of their needs.
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My cats are the same way (dogs too), they always know when I'm sad or don't feel well and they do their best to make me feel better.
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When i'm upset (anxious, mad) about something, Molly gets real spastic. When i'm sad, yasmine jumps in my lap...and shes not a lap kitty.
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Last week I was crying (very quietly) and my cat came up from the bottom of the bed and laid on my chest. She has done this only one other time in the past year and I was upset that time too. Otherwise she has never laid on top of me.
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Maia should be a therapist, bring some money to our home! If I get angry, raise my voice, she is right there, runs up to me securing the situation. Funny thing is that if I am watching the Yankees, baseball game, and I get excited, start yelling, she does the same to make sure everything is A-OK! I simply love the connection, she looks at me, I look at her, simple acknowledgment of our love for each other throughout the day!
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Absolutely. Last month I came down with a 102 degree fever and felt absolutely horrible. I went to lay down and one of my girls jumped on the bed and was rubbing on me and doing something to make me laugh (I forget now). Then I said "Ok baby I'm gonna go sleep" and she went down to the foot of the bed and slept near my feet too! She helped me so much
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Yes they can they can also tell if youre sick. Cats are so awesome arent they??? Donna
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My oldest boys always know when Mommy's down. In fact, Sam, who never used to be a lap cat, turned in to one when my husband left for Iraq (twice). Now whenever he hears me cry, he's there in a hurry. What a sweetie!
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Our girly cat Sliver can definitely tell if you are feeling down or not feeling well. She'll mew at you to make you smile when you are sad. She lays with us when we aren't feeling well. Shes such a sweetheart, its hard not to smile when you have a beautiful kitty trying to make you happy
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