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Here we go AGAIN.. More hatred for my rotti's!

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Thanks to an idiot owner.. My rottweilers are getting grief, and I'm getting the "I thought about you when I read this, and your dogs".. AS if my dogs are vicious or something!! Ughhhhh..

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Just tell people "Yeah, well I tend to make rude generalizations stupid people who jump to conclusions, but I am nice & don't say them to your face!" when they say anything about your "vicious" Rotts.
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Same with pit bull owners - a few bad accidents and the breed is labled for life! I have to admit I'm not fond of pits or rotties but not afraid of them either. I just use a little caution and common sense and watch their reactions if approching.
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it is unfortunate because it's never the dogs, it's the owners. It's not that other dogs don't have bad owners it's just unfortunate that these dogs have more violent tendenacies and can do more damage when they aren't properly trained and don't have proper care. I know lot's of little dogs that bite people all the time but you never hear about it because people don't die from small dog bites, people die from pittbull and rotty attacks. If only they could screen owners.......not breeds.....
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I looooove Pits, Rotties & Dobies! I hate it when they wind up in the hands of people who don't know what to do with them. There are so many responsible dog owners out there, why do all the dumb ones choose the 'vicious' breeds??

My boss's Dobie (his name is Bob) is one of my favorite dogs ever. He is just an angel! <3 And I always meet the sweetest pits....It's so sad they get such a bad rep.

It's funny but I can't watch movies with a Doberman in them anymore. Inevitably the Dobmerman is supposed to look scary or menacing but I wind up coo-ing instead. What sweethearts, I love them!
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Oh don't feel bad... I get crap about Toby, my american bulldog/pitbull mix.. and my boyfriend gets crap about his Sid, his pitbull...Over this past summer 4 pitbulls have been shot and killed and of course, *WE* get the crap about it! So, I'm in the same boat and understand what you mean.. And my poor little Mia who is a BOXER gets called a Pitbull w/ a docked tail.. lol GET REAL!
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