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Layla wants to be a dog!

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I opened the pantry earlier to get Murphy, our dog, some food out of the dog food container and she jumped in the container and started munching on his food! I don't think she was just hungry, she always has her dry food out, and I give her wet food 2x a day. This is the second time she has done this, and I think she just thinks it is yummy! Anyways, is it okay for me to give it to her as a treat once in a while? Could use dog food in place of her regular dry food since she likes it so much? Or, do I need to make sure she does'nt eat it??
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Best not let her eat much ... DOG food is MUCH lower is protein and fat than CAT food
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Okay, wanted to make sure she could have it as a snack though... I can't tell her no...
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I agree with Sharky.

It's best not to let her eat the dog food at all.

BTW does dog food have Taurine in it?
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Sorry Mrs. Harris..

I posted my agreement before I saw you had replied already.

Still curious about if dog food has Taurine (sp?) in it though... I don't think it does.. and don't cats need food with Taurine?.. or they need food without Taurine?!
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[b]Hi, as long as you don't constantly give your cat dog food then you should be okay. Whenever you give your dog a treat, give your cat a treat too that is for cats...maybe she won't eat your dogs food...

Cats NEED taurine, heres an article:
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I don't think what we are feeding him now has taurine in it.
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Well, Layla eats wet and dry food formulated for cats. I realize now the foods are too different to swap out, so I'll keep feeding her cat food and just give her the dog food as a treat b/c she likes it so much.
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SOme DOG foods have added taurine ... but not in the amount of cat
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Layla sure is adorable and funny! Good advice from the other posters and hope Layla enjoys her treats on occasion while eating her CAT food regularly...
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