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I just don't get it!

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Okay, here it is:

I have a fat cat, named Chessy she is definately a big girl. She eats and eats, and if I let her, eats some more..

Then I have Angel, who is soo skinny.. It looks like she isn't gaining any weight. I feed them a 3 oz can of wet food every night each, and then I give them a 15 oz cup each of Dry food. Angel doesn't eat as much of her dry food, but she eat the heck out of the wet food. Chessy ends up eating most of Angel's dry food.

What do I do to get Angel to gain weight.. I'm not worried about Chessy because she's not really that fat,, she's a happy fat. But I'm worried about Angel.

Please Please help!!

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IMO I would not free feed either of them. And I would feed in separate rooms. Put down the food for a certain amount of time, like 30 mins. Then take it up. I'd feed Angel a 3rd meal a day just by herself - if she likes the canned more, give it to her.
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15 oZ ??? that is one short of a LB and nearly 2 FULL CUPS //// ave 8-12 lb kittys eat 1/2 cup dry with the amount of wet

talk with the vet ... you may need kitten canned or a high cal supplement like Nutri cal
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Okay, so give her more canned food?? Don't free feed though??? I thought that is what cat's like though...
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more wet is good ... NO free feeding with one chubby one
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I meant 12 oz,, but it usually last about two days.... But I know Angel isn't barely eating the dry, she'll chomp on it a little.. I think she is being soo picky she'll only eat the wet.... Can I get her out of that?
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I wouldnt ... Wet food is likely the only reason my cats have lived so long... Give her more canned ...
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My vet said that Chessy is the perfect weight that Angel is underweight. My vet didn't really advise anything other then change their food from Iams to Science Diet. Which I heard Science Diet is bad.. So that wasn't gonna happen.. and how that would work is beyond me..
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How many cans a day should I feed them?? Should I feed them both the same amount of wet,, and how much dry should I setout since their eating more wet, and should have as much dry??
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If she eats alll wet ( meaning no dry ) 1/2 an oz to 1 oz per lb... one oz per lb since she is under wt
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Wow.. Cut that up in the day?? So their like 10lbs. and I've only been giving them 3 oz a night and of course all that dry.
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double the wet for Angel ....increase a bit if you can with Chessy
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Thank you very much for the advice on this one.. I wasn't real sure.. and appreciate it!!
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I would definately give Angel more canned food. Especially since that is what she likes.
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I would never leave food down all day for my cats or they would never stop eating. As for your slimmer cat my vet says slimmer is healthier. I worry about one of my 4 cats not being heavy enough. My vet says he is the perfect weight. My husband laughs at me because I worry so much about my cats.
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