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Cozmo to vet again,,,

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Hi, In a little while I am taking Cozmo to the vet again, he was there last week because of a sore front paw, vet found two puncher wounds in it. Last night he was favoring the other front paw, so I looked at it the best I could and it looked like it was bleeding a little. I wish I knew what he was doing to hurt his paws like this.

My sister in-law and her little boy were here yesterday and he was playing with Cozmo, I thought I heard Cozmo yell at one time yesterday so I wonder if the kid stepped on his paw?
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Aww we hope Cozmo feels better!

Hopefully his paws will be okay & hope it doesn't happen again

Best Wishes for Cozmo!!
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Poor Cozmo, sending him {{{{{Get well quick vibes}}}}}. Do you know what caused the puncture wounds in the first place?
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I never figured that out for sure, He gets his toys under things and then tries to dig them out, so I don't know if he found something sharp under the fridge or stove or something? Or maybe Angel bit him in the foot in one of their "arguments" which get pretty rough sometimes.
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Hi again, it don't look like his paw was stepped on or anything. This vet said she has seen sores like this in cats with a autoimmune disorder, I was thinking that is great, he is going to die from FIP or something like I went through with Tuffy. She then checked his back paws to see if the same soars are showing on them also, thank god they were fine so she pretty much ruled out any disorder or disease. I have to give him antibiotic again to make sure this one don't get infected like the other one did.

He must be trying to dig his toys out from under something in the kitchen or back room that has some kind of very sharp edge or something pointed on it. She cleaned his paw good with some antiseptic wipes and it looks just about like his other paw did last week. His paw was hurting so bad she gave him a little shot to help with the pain. We had to almost hog tie him so the vet could get his paw cleaned out. I need to tip up the stove and fridge and washer and dryer and freezer and see if I can find what he is hurting himself on.

He also had some wet cat litter in there, so I need to be better at cleaning out the litter boxes I guess. Cozmo is so fussy about the litter boxes that if the other cats don't cover things up when they go he goes in there and tries to. Rusty pees out so much he leaves clumps the size of a base ball some times so he must be trying to cover them up and gets the wet litter in his paws.

Cozmo is up to almost 10 1/2 pounds now, he is real solid for his size like Tuffy was.
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Maybe he is having an allergic reaction to something, some where he scratches or plays with...................causing dryness, sensitive skin, cracking, sometimes split or cracking skin can look like puncture wounds. Your vet probably checked already but I would test the sensitivity of his paw pads, maybe change litter, especially till front paws heal.
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I recently started to mix that Arm and Hammer backing soda stuff that is for cat litter in the litter to help cut down on the smell. I wonder if that has anything to do with his soar paws?
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