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my cat is a brat

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Puppy (the cat) is normally quite a healthy eater. He's recently been on meds for anxiety. Every time we call the vet, they ask about his appetite. (One of the side effects is a lack of appetite.) So far, Puppy's has been quite normal. He eats his food, then shoves Bunakins out of the way to chomp on her food too. She's a wimp about her food, so we usually have to hang around to shoo him off when he's done eating.

Well, last week, he stops eating his wet food. Not even on a spoon. He nibbled his dry, and that was it. After 4 days of this, I rushed him to the vet.

The vet checks him all over. Then, the vet opens a drawer and pulls out a can of Fancy Feast. He opens it and dumps a spoonful on the table.

You would have though we were starving the cat. I've never seen him eat so fast.

Now I feel like an idiot. Apparently Puppy just decided one day that he didn't like the flavor of his food anymore. I took 2.5 hours of my day to take his sick little butt to the vet (1 hour in a car with him yowling), and this is what he does?

The vet explained that it just happens sometimes, and to keep an eye on him and get him a different flavor of food. While we were talking, Puppy made his way to the rest of the can of Fancy Feast and started lapping it up.

So now I'm mixing in a little bit of junk food with his dinner to get him to eat. We're going to buy a different flavor of food. We're feeding Eagle Pack right now, and I like it, so we're going to get some of their other flavors.

...just had to rant...
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I hate brat cats like that

Luckily I've never owned a picky cat - they ate what I gave them.
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My cats are brats too!! I feel for ya!!!
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Oh man! I wish I had seen this like, a week ago.

It sounds like maybe Cat has been doing this to us too! One day she was chowing down like normal, the next she ate just a little bit and then walk away disgusted and then finally, she just looked at us like we're idiots for even giving her food.

We rushed to a vet and this vet told us it was to do with her herpes even though she wasn't stuffy etc. Cat had blood taken and oodles of tests done that all came back negative.

Maybe she's just sick of the flavor too. I'll have to try a different flavor.

At least our boy will eat absolutely any and everything (fingers crossed he stays this way!).

AUGH! I guess my Cat is a brat also!
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The weird thing is that he's never been a picky eater before. One day, he just stopped eating.

Our vet thinks that maybe we got a different lot of food. He claims that lots will sometimes taste different, and it's not like they are tasting it themselves...

It's also possible Puppy just decided that he's tired of Duck flavor. He has been eating that flavor for 6 months. I'm ordering a case of Salmon and a case of Turkey. We'll mix it up a little.

Right now, I have a few cans of Sheba that I'm mixing in. It doesn't take much. He gets 1/3 can of Eagle and a half spoon of Sheba, and apparently that's good enough to make him lick his plate clean. I'm also dipping his pill in the Sheba sauce now, and he eats it right up.
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Molly is a complete scavanger...will eat anything in site!! Sometimes she trys to eat non-food items! Now yasmine doesnt eat anything but dry food. Shes real picky about treats though.
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I vary the cans to start with. Never the same thing 2 days in a row unless its the larger can - then they get repeats. So they can't "get tired" of any one flavor.

I've always varied canned foods with my kittens and cats and no picky eaters cause of it
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Don't mix diff. flavors together - how'd you like all your meat and potatoes and ketchup and peas all smushed up? Give 1-2 types side by side, plus some crunchies in the other half of the 2-bowl bowl (mine are double like that).
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