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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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It occured to me this morning that I have a full cast of characters

Meet Snow White and her seven dwarfs. There is even the wicked queen.

First Snow White. A pure princess this one is.

Meet Sneezy. Seriously. He sneezes all the time. He has been vet check and has no issues. He just sneezes.

Now meet Bashful. A little kitty of the quite skiddish nature.

Here is Doc. He is everyones best friend. He likes to make strangers feel welcome.

This is Dopey. La la la la walk into the wall. She is a pretty kitty though.

And Happy. She is a very mellow kitty that likes to play and have fun. She never holds a grudge.

Meet Grumpy. This is the moodiest cat. He has no sense of humour what so ever. All business.

Here is Sleepy. He does not look for a place to sleep. He just sort of splats on the ground.

And last but certainly not least is the Wicked Queen.

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I love your wicked queen cat!
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Aww a whole set of characters! Those photos made us laugh - especially how you have Snow White & the Wicked Queen! Thats great Thanks for sharing their photos! They are all so beautiful

You have lots of kitties! Awesome! We do too though - we have 8 beauties
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Yes, the Wicked Queen is adorable. Obviously plotting something very "wicked", though!
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I love the caption for Dopey...too great.

Your kit-- I mean, Snow White and the seven dwarves are too precious! And the Wicked Witch! Oh man, she is WICKED! Just WICKED!!
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Originally Posted by Aelurophile View Post
Obviously plotting something very "wicked", though!
Yes, she does plot. They won't know when and they probably won't know why but the iron paw comes out at the least expected moments but they can be sure it was for something they did.

Thanks everyone. I love me kitties.
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Awww, I love Sleepy!
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That is so funny and cute! I like Doc
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Thanks for the photos. I love them all.
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OMG! That's got to be the funniest thing I've seen in awhile!!

Of course I'm in love with Snow White!
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I love it!! your kitties are adorable!!
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Awww I love Doc!! How cute
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very cute i love sleepy and the wicked queen
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I really enjoyed this thread! Quite a group you have there.
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I loooove your crew!!!

They are all so precious.
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LOL! how CUTE!

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ha ha ha that was funny, I Love it!
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