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I went to wal-mart yesterday and they already have an entire isle of halloween candy! I thought to myself "who buys halloween candy a month and a half before halloween"...but i guess some people do or they wouldnt put it out. Anyways i wondering what our favorite candy is and what do you normally buy for the trick-or-treaters?

Personally, I dont have many trick-or-treaters so i always get the good candy so im not stuck with candy i dont like. I like the Hershey's combo with resees, Hershey chocolate bars, kit kat etc..
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I already bought some!! I love candy corn
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I don't get to many trick-or-treaters because I am up on the third floor and my stairs are at the back of the house. However I do get some of the kids who's parents work with me every year and I drop some donations off at the local community center that host a costume party that begins at 7 p.m. on Halloween night.

I love candy kisses and those little packages of rocket candy that taste like sweet tarts..I usually buy some of those extra for me.

I say it's just in case I get extra kids but hey you know
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Our local store started setting theirs up 3 weeks ago.

I have yet to find my fave. It's so well liked, it sells out way before Halloween. So I ain't tellin' because I don't want to share.
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I love tootsie rolls, but hate the little Midgies type (hard as rocks), not to mention the rest of the junk they package with them... I'm also hooked on tootsie pops. can ... not ... stop ... buying....
you get the idea... I usually buy at least two bags every year, as the first one (or at least most of the contents) don't make it to Oct. 31st.

I'm going to try to limit how much I get this year... I still have a little bit from LAST year (in a mason jar on my desk... really bad of me... should throw it out, but... there's chocolate in there)

I live in a family oriented apt complex, so there are kids, just not in MY building. not to mention I'm at the bottom, and with the way the complex was built, no one can see my 'safe for trick or treating' sign that the apt managers give us. I put one in the window, but the only TorT'ers I got last year were folks from the apt complex Halloween party... because I TOLD them I had a ton of candy. I still had half left.

C'est la Vie, I guess.

but yes, my favorite is darn near Tootsie anything. I gotta see if a local restaurant supply has my favorite style of tootsie roll... I managed to get some a couple months ago down in CA.

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Hmm~I know I seen the costumes/candy in Wal Mart a few weeks ago I think its a bit early, but heck, whatever.

Anyways, we live in a rural area so we dont get trick or treaters.

I dont really have a favorite type of candy I guess, at Halloween.
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I work in a store that sells candy and a lot of people have bought candy in the last week. I even had people buy costumes yesterday.

My favourite is reese peanut butter cups. We don't buy candy for the trick-or-treaters because we live in the middle of nowhere and nobody comes here. We just go out on November 1 and buy candy for ourselves when it is all on sale.
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I used to buy it before and end up eating it and buying some more!
Hey that rhymed!
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I live on a farm, no treaters....the occaisonal tricker. We had someone clip the neighbor's fence to the cow pasture & let a few dozen cows out last year.

As for candy, I still buy tons & eat it myself! I like taffy best, so I always buy tons of it. But I tend to wait until the day of/day after Halloween cuz the candy's cheaper! :lol3;
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Interesting enough, I had a dream last night about Halloween candy, especially taffy. I love the banana flavored.
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I need to get some candy corn and the shapes made of the same stuff. DH won't touch it, so it's all MINE. Normally we just get Peanut Butter cups for ourselves.

No trick or treaters for us too. We live on the third floor of a complex and around here they do trick or treating on Oct. 30th. I refuse to give out candy if it's not actually Halloween. Last year it was something like the 27th when they did it. I might as well just pick a random day of the year and say its' trick or treating night for all the sense it makes.
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Interesting enough, I had a dream last night about Halloween candy, especially taffy. I love the banana flavored.
MMmmmmmm.....banana taffy....
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
We had someone clip the neighbor's fence to the cow pasture & let a few dozen cows out last year.
Oh no!! We've had the occasional toliet paper roll in our yard! Boy, thats a mess to clean sprinkled a little that night so it was a MESS!
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They do on purpose that so you buy some now, then eat it, and have to buy more later!

I'm in a new area, so I'm not sure if I'll get Trick-or-Treaters. I'll buy some candy anyway and hope they come.

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hmm i LOVE candy, so it shall be a LIST!!,lol

dark choco Milkyway

Jounior mints

Charlston chews

laughy taffy

5th ave's

1,000 grands


to name a few,lol

if i have specially made candy, its dark choco bricks with cashews or clusters, and dark choco sponge candy, YUM!!!!!
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I love Reese's! The single packs are good for the trick-or-treaters...
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I love Kit-Kats. I always have to restrain myself from frolicking through the candy aisles around Halloween and Easter. They've had Halloween stuff out for about 2 weeks now.
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No whats sad I went to walmart the other night and they had more Christmas stuff out than Halloween! I was like its SEPTEMBER GUYS!

I LOVE Halloween! I have started making my costume, but havent worked on it in a few days, I shall have to fix that tomorrow!
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