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Question of the Day - September 13th

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Do you keep a journal or online blog?
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No I don't...
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If something really important happens I'll jot it down in a special notebook I have, other than that though I always forget to write anything
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Nope...(boths).........But once I thougth so seriously to do it!...
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I am a member of a blog thing, but seldomly access it.
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I have a dream journal... where I write down dreams that I have each night. I do that because I was always having dreams that were coming true but John said "well, if you didn't write it down or tell anyone about the dream BEFORE it happened no one can believe you". So I've started writing them down.

I've tried to have a "regular" journal, but just don't ever keep it up.
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Nope never got into either of them
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I don't keep either, but have thought of starting a blog as I hate writing I don't think my life is interesting enough though
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I used to keep a journal from high school through college. Now I only have an organizer for important dates & appointments.
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No but I have been considering it. I think it would be a good way for me to vent, rather than boring others with my troubles. Cept I want it for my eyes only... Not anyone else. Anyone have any good site suggestions for a private journal? Sorry for the hijack. This is an interesting question
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Yes I have a journal and an online blog.
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I have a journal of sorts that I write in when something important happens, or to keep a record of family events.

I was thinking about doing a blog but it sort of fell by the wayside.

My sister is the journal keeper in my family, she has been writing in her diary everyday since she was eight. That is like 50 years now, If she finds out I posted her age I am toast.
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No, to both of them!!
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I don't do either one of them.
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I have one at but I don't write in it much.
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Nope. I like to keep personal happenings private.
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I've tried both, but I failed. I always write a few things then get bored or busy and abandon them alltogether. Oh well
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I would like to keep a journal because I have a bad memory I did keep a journal when Bella got diagnosed with cancer so I could remember everything that happened.
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I have an online journal on I've had many others, but have stuck with this site since 2004. I do have a journal on as well, that dates back to September 2001, right before 9/11 actually. It's crazy to look back on that one and read about my years in HS. I wrote in it up until 2005. I have a couple hand-written journals but am not very consistent with them.
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No, i don't- besides i wouldn't want anyone reading every single detail of my personal life ya know!
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I have a blog on yahoo 360
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I havent got any neither,I dont trust online things because they could always go belly-up and out of business.I would rather keep an diary,the old fashioned kind that way ive always got all my important dates and everything and cant be lost
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