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Younger kitty bothering older one?

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I have a 10 year old Persian Chinchilla (Mishufu, mainly a lapcat.) and a 8 month old Persian Flamepoint (Baccio, playful as can be). They only recently met about a month and a half ago. Now the older one (Mishufu) has always disliked tussling with any other cat. He's OK with giving chase and being chased so long as there is no tackling. He's a wuss. The last cat who he lived with outweighed him by 11 lbs so he never stood a chance against him. Over the year Mishu developed the habit of meowing as if he was fighting the other cat off while the other cat was just trying to play a bit rough. Unfortunately for Mishu, the new kitty doesnt react to his meowing and doesnt let up sometimes causing Mishufu to go into a series of hissing and unhappy looks. The younger one is a badass with no fear. He messes with the dogs in the house (havent introduced Mishu to the aggressive 1 of the two dogs yet, so he's still in the 1 room) and has never been scared of people. The complete opposite of Mishufu if you will.

My question to you folks is how can I tell and what can I do if Baccio is being way too aggressive with Mishufu? He means well, but I'm afraid Mishufu may be getting way too frustrated to do anything in his own defense. Mishufu has never bit or scratched anyone or anything so it's hard to tell just how upset he is. I dont want him to be living a miserable life feeling as if he's always pestered. I dont want to scold Baccio because he is just playing, but is playing in a relentlessly aggressive way with another cat grounds for me to step in? Should I just let them sort it out among themselves?

I'm confused.

P.S. I'll try and capture them on video and post a youtube link here of 1 of their showdowns so you all can see what I'm dealing with. It can get a bit noisy (Mishufu makes all the noise).
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Oh, cmon! 33 views and not one response?
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If I were you I would get a 3rd cat the same age or younger than the young one and leave your older kitty in peace.

What can happen is that the younger kitty will adopt the behavioral aspects of the older kitty because he is a role model. So as your older cat gets older and possibly more crabby while the young one picks on him, the younger one is learning those responses to use himself.

It sounds like the older one really doesn't enjoy that much attention while the younger one is probably bored.
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My two are the same exact way. My new baby, a 2 1/2 month old little girl, will not leave my 5 year old male, three times her size, alone.

We have had a bit of success with using a "time-out" method. When she gets to be overly aggressive, to the point where big boy Arlokk is really getting frustrated, we take and put her in the bedroom and close the door for 5 to 10 minutes. She whines and cries a bit, but she usually calms down by the time we let her out.

What drives me nuts is when we put her in the bedroom and she cries, Arlokk will sometimes run to the door and meow frantically for us to let her out Sort of defeats the purpose of giving him a break from her.
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