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ALC and other wild cats: dilemma

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you know the posters and ad campaigns that say "WHEN THE BUYING STOPS, THEN THE KILLING CAN TOO."
what about buying?

recently, i've been offered civets, ALCs and even tiger cubs. CHEAP too! while obviously intrigued, i've always declined. however, many do not. is it enough not to buy? even if i don't, there is going to be someone else who will. reporting these people (the sellers and middlemen) seems punitive as they are little people trying to make a living. they most likely don't know any better.

what needs to be done be done?
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I'll move this to SOS
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Interesting question. Were you offered such animals in real life or over the internet. If someone over the internet is trying to sale you tiger cubs its probably a scam. I see you are in Malaysia so I am unfamiliar with the laws there regarding exotic animal ownership there. Here in the states I believe you have to have a permit to own most of the animals you listed. I am not sure if you can even own a tiger here as a private citizen even with a permit. Your best bet is to find out the laws in your area regarding ownership of such animals.

As far as reporting the sellers. If its illegal to sale such animals where you live then reporting them is an option. And its probably the best option if the sale of tigers and such is illegal in your country.
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i was offered them in real life. i was even shown a video. reporting is an option but the wildelife authorities here are not particularly well known for providing adequate care for the animals they sieze.
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I dont know, but I suspect you were offered these animals because you are known to afford a buy and keeping of such animals?? Perhaps even having a social position where it is fashion to have such animals??

My advice is then you do the opposite: make yourself known as not supporting such things.
Domestical cats and pedigree cats are excellent to have at home.
Wild cats are excellent to be in the forests...

There are probably associations and or groups. Join them...
And work on your social peers who ARE potential buyers.

Second. You talk about the catchers who do it to make a living. If they had something other to do, a alternative, to make a honorable living, it would be swell and the optimal solution...
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This is an interesting question. Should the sellers of exotic cats be stopped? That all depends. Most exotic/wild cats sold in the USA come from breeders If the cats come from illegal means, such as trapping of cats in the wild, then the sale of these animals should be prohibited. I fully support the private ownership of wild/exotic cats. Yes, it is legal to own a tiger in the USA with the proper permits. Every state is different with laws regarding such ownership and some states have total bans supported by the animal rights movement, which is wrong. Many people do not realize, that at the rate at which humans are destroying the last wild places, these cats will vanish. The only viable source for their survival, is in private ownership. Many private owners are the care takers of a rich gene pool, that can be used to keep these cats alive in the wild. The wild places where these cats live is becoming increasingly fragmented. The cats that live in these areas will start to inbreed. This inbreeding will be the death sentence for all these cats. So, to answer your question. Yes, private breeders and sellers should be allowed to continue to sell and breed these cats. However, anyone who decides to own such an animal, must be responsible and have the knowledge and resources to care for that animal. These animals should never be owned to be a showoff, to look cool or as a fashion statement. Illegal poachers and trappers must be stopped. They are the ones who are responsible for the vast decline in these cats in the wild. These trappers and poachers kill these animals for their fur and other body parts. The pet trade is NOT responsible for the decline in these cats in the wild, since in most areas, it is illegal to own a wild caught exotic/wild cat that was taken from the wild.
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Do to your location I have to ask ... Do you have animal rights groups where you are??? Is it legal to buy /keep any type of wildlife??
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i believe that you can have permits to keep exotic cats and animals. however the procedure for getting a license is rather ambigious. the animals i was offered would've been taken from the wild. while i declined, it made me worry how many others would not. and how many mothers would be killed so their babies could be taken from them. and how many babies would survive and thrive in their new lives.

nevertheless, i think amber the bobcat has an interesting point of view. private ownership from legal sources is an option that should be given due consideration. i know of zoos that have failed to maintain integrity within breeding programs and have animals kept in desperately inadequate conditions. if someone has enough money, knowledge and passion, then i guess why not?

i am certainly not in that league and don't think i want to be. getting involved in something that could have far reaching consequences is more than i can handle. stefanz, wow! i never thought i came across as well off. you point of view could almost be construed as flattering food for thought though. however, with thre kids under five and and whole passle of domestic animals and 30+ cats and kittens for rehoming, all my 'wealth' is spoken for.
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Please contact the local "game" officers and tell them your expeinces
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