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Daily Thread Thursday 13 September

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Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone.

How are we today? It's a stinking hot day here, this is meant to be a week of low 30's.

I notice that someone got too impatient waiting for me to start a daily yesterday. I didn't notice til my thread had been merged. I'm going out shortly so I'm making sure its here for everyone. Also that the question of the day thread was also started by someone else.
Must have been one slow day yesterday.

Well today, I got Diego a harness so he can go for a walk. He is crying all day at the door, now that he had a brief taste of freedom. He's not happy with it at the moment, which is to be expected I guess. We had to try twice to re-adjust it. 1st time was a little tight, 2nd time a little loose, 3rd time lucky.

So I am going out with him and the camera now.

Have a great Thursday everyone.
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Good morning!

A gorgeous sunny day here and not too warm.

Going to the dentist this afternoon but i get a flyer from work

So hopefully i'll be home a lot earlier to do my housework, and i might just cut the back lawn and put some washing in the machine!
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Good Morning! This morning Phantom (she's my cat) was so vocal and loving. Wouldn't even let me get into the bathroom alone. Crazy kitty. Just work work work today as usual!
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Morning cat peeps!

Brandi Trout is also extra cuddly today...I wonder whats up with our freak cats...whatever it is, its cute

Ummm, not much going on today. Its my early day at I get to leave at 3:30

What an awkward time of year..I am wearing a long sleeve blaezer to work...with sandals I am so clueless It seems to early for close toed shoes
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Good Afternoon! It's fabulous weather here in Wales. Me and Pickle are planning a day in the sun, and maybe a picnic.
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Good morning everyone!! I'm super happy today because I don't have to work I get to stay home with my babies

It's not very warm here today and I've just turned on the fireplace to take the chill out of the air. Not too much on the go today, just going for a hair trim and that's about it!

Have a great Thursday everyone
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I officially leave MI on September 19!!!

I think the reality is finally setting in. I've lived here since I was a kid, and really I haven't been a fan of SE MI...but...I am sort of sad about it .

However there is WAAAAAAYYY too much for me to do in the next few days.
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Waking up to a nice sunny late summer day. Temps are actually going to rise to normal for this time of year (73F).

Slept crummy last night, odd dreams, I aggravated my hamstring working yesterday and had some really weird pains.

Bakker has been assuming his winter sleeping position which a pillow by my head. But he keeps waking me up with his licking, or kneading my hair-grrrrr.

Have my usual Thursday job, also picking tomatoes for a client, library run and gotta get a anniversary card for Neil (its tomorrow).

Will create another thread this afternoon about what happened in our yard last nite but have to take some pics and get them uploaded.

Leftovers for dinner tonite-want to clean out the refrigerator.

Have a good day!!
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Hey everyone!! It's almost Friday! I'll be having a slow day today. I'm just going to hang out with Layla and my hubby and do homework! Oh and we got a new addition to our family, he is a golden retriever named Murphy!! And my husband, who is not crazy about animals, is in love with the dog!! And I caught him playing with Layla , I knew she would squrim her way into his heart soon enough!
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Morning all....

Its a rather chilly start to the day here as well.

Dont feel worth a darn Between allergies and missing my Allie

Hope everyone has a super day!!!
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Gosh! I missed my class this morning. That means I have to reschedule for a friday. Gotta remember to tell Lee (he's my boyfriend) that we can't carpool tomorrow cause I might be late.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Gosh! I missed my class this morning. That means I have to reschedule for a friday. Gotta remember to tell Lee (he's my boyfriend) that we can't carpool tomorrow cause I might be late.
Oh no Brandi!! Is it the Aflac test? I hope you get the job!!
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No its a class for my current job. We a required to have so many of them and its time for mine to be renewed.
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Oh, so boring Well I still hope you get the Aflac job
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Good Moring its a chilly morning here but the suns out.Not much planned going to get a beef stew going in the crock pot for supper. I have alot of plants to get into my gardens today.My local nurseries always have a 50% off sale this time of year so I bought some and am going to spend time in the gardens as soon as it warms up out.
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Morning! I never post in these threads I used to, but stopped for some reason

It was bit chilly here this morning, I'm actually wearing a sweater! I have a feeling I'll be regretting it later though Was up way too late last night, till 2 am!!! was on here and texting a friend so I'm a bit tired, must get more coffee!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm a bit tired, must get more coffee!
Here you go! It's strong coffee hope you like it.

Good Morning Everyone! My supervisor is not coming back until next Monday so here I am doing the happy dance .

Not much going on today, just plan to go home & watch Grey's Anatomy Season 2.

Have a great day!
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Morning all!
Rather a chilly start to the day here as well about 9 (50) earlier this morning but it is starting to warm up a bit now. My hot chocolate is extra yummy on when my place is chilly. This morning I added a drop of orange extract for some variety.

Got all my autumn sweaters and jackets out yesterday so am dropping some of them off to be cleaned today. I suppose I could do them all at home but I am not overly committed to laundry that much.

I noticed this morning with the cooler temps the leaves are really starting to change now, as soon as they peak I will get some pictures to post, they are really quite spectacular.

The kitties are good, having a wrestling match in the center of the living room floor right now. Even Sassy is in a frisky mood this morning, and of coarse Linus is exstatic that Sassy is playing with him.

Everyone have a good one.
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Nippy morning. Made getting out from under the blanket hard.

I am feeling much better after being sick last week with that infection. Even made it to a club meeting last night. (I'm a board member.)

Plan to have a quiet day and maybe play with my beads. Need ideas for the Secret Santa exchange!

Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Leftovers for dinner tonite-want to clean out the refrigerator.

Have a good day!!
Time for Refrigerator Stew?
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good afternoon people.

I was hoping to get some shopping done today, but then I would have had to finish my cleaning yesterday. Well, I didn't even start it yesterday.
Ah well, I don't even like shopping anyways. But I do need to find myself a comfy chair.

So now I'm doing my cleaning. I have to meet with one of my former prof at the university to talk about my grad school application.
First thing tomorrow morning, I'm taking the bus to go visit my former in-laws and some old friends. I'm soooooo excited about that.
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Beautiful, beautiful day here!! Got out of work early, 1:00 pm, have the rest of the day to play!
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