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My Whoodle

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Here's my Whoodle (or so we think) pup we "rescued".

Okay, so maybe we specifically didn't rescue him.... but we did buy him, and the people who were fostering him said the humane society found him wandering alongside the road. That qualifies for at least rescuing half of him, right?

His name is Shaggy, we've had him for three years, and he's got a few...well, problems. Problem number one: he can't hear very well. Problem number two: he can't see very well. PRoblem numer three: he sleeps on my pillows even though he KNOWS he's supposed to sleep at the foot of my bed on a his blanket.

Right now he's got a haircut and he looks much andsomer. I'll take a picture and hopefully post it later of him post-groomer visit.
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Whoodle? I assume that's a something Poodle mix?

Whatever he is, he is adorable! I volunteer to puppy sit for ya!
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A Whoodle is a Wheaton Terrier/Poodle mix, so you were right in thinking he's part poodle. And you can puppysit him I know I wouldn't mind!
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I couldn't think of anything that would have the "whoo" part of that! Wheaten Terrier, of course!
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Awww he is cute!!
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He is very handsome.
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Handsome beastie boy!
He looks a lot like a Portuguese Water Dog.
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He is adorable!!
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Awwwwwwww he is so adorable!!! I grew up with a dog named Boo Boo that could have been his twin. She was 1/2 poodle, too. As she aged she couldnt see or hear very well either........ awwwwww Shaggy
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A lot of people say that poodle mixes look like Portugese Water Dogs - we get it all the time with Chester.

Your baby is beautiful. I'm glad you `half-rescued' him IMO there are too many ridiculous poodle crosses out there and if you go to any shelter there's dozens of them. Your guy looks like a little man I know who comes to the park near us. He's a puppy but they look just the same!
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We actually had some teenaers walk up to us in a park and ask us if he was a Portugese Water Dog. We told them no, he wasn't, but he does look like one, doesn't he?

There are so many poodle crosses! I'm glad we found one that didn't cost oodles of money like the goldendoodles or cockapoos or whatever other kinds we could have gotten. In my opinion we got a winner of a pup, even if he's got a few problems and is HOPELESS at obediance training.

A few updated pictures of him:

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Oh I just love him!!!

If you don't mind me asking...all of you with Poodle Xs can answer, for my future adopting purposes.....just how much grooming is required?
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Oodles and oodles for me because Shaggy thinks it's terribly funny to take multiple nosedives through every patch of burrs in our woods, but if he didn't...maybe one time a week. His fur hardly ever matts when it's short to medium, and when it's long he gets brushed a few times a week and is good to go.

He sheds neat little hairballs which are super easy to vacuum up when he hasn't gotten brushed recently enough. When I brush him and he needs it I get two small brushfulls of hairwhich is hardly anything!
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Our poodle mix was groomed every 3-4 weeks with bows added in her hair and her fingernails painted.
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Whoops, I meant he was brushed that often! He goes to the groomer once every four to six weeks depending on how long his hair is.

That's not too bad...and bows are adorable. Shaggy's a boy, though, so he gets bandannas.
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Originally Posted by Cocoalily View Post

and bows are adorable. Shaggy's a boy, though, so he gets bandannas.
She didnt like them and would spend 3 weeks trying to get them off to just go back and have them put back on ......poor Boo Boo, with her long red fingernails
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Does look like a wheaton/poodle mix. You can see the wheaton in his face.
What a handsome boy!!!!
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Very little grooming for us. They love a good brush and of course you need to trim their faces and extra long bits, and bath them of course! But ours barely shed and their hair (luckily) stops at a certain length so they don't need an all-over clip. This is one of the things that hasn't been standardised in Labradoodles yet - some need a lot of clipping and grooming, some don't.
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very cute!!!!
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What a good looking dog!
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