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Look at my "kitten kit"!!!

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Oh my goodness! Last week I emailed some companies telling them about my orphan kittens and how I was trying to put together a "kitten kit" for the new owner and the responses I got were amazing! All I asked for were some coupons and/or samples and here's what I got instead:

There's about $100 worth of stuff right there. PLUS, each company send me coupons for their food! Also, some of the companies even sent "new owner packets" with sections to put the kittens' info, picture, vet stuff, etc...

I got 4 cans of Wellness kitten food, 12 cans of Evanger's cat food(that stuff is pricey!), 2 bags of Castor & Pollux, 2 bags of Pinnacle, 1 bag Purina Kitten Chow, and a container of Purina Pro Plan(for kittens)! Most of the companies just sent me the coupons for the free food(which I redeemed today). Oh yea, and Castor and Pollux also sent me a bag of their kitty treats.

There are still a few more companies that are sending me stuff(mainly coupons and 1 compnay is sending a bag of treats).

I can't believe how generous they all were! Also, pretty much every company sent me a personal letter congratualting me for taking care of the kittens. Awwww....I was very touched.

It may only be a small drop in the bucket for them, but it's a gallon in a one cup container to me! lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to share it with ya'll.

I hope the new owner comes with a truck when the pick up the kittens, ROFL!
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Oh eayh, if you're wondering why there'a only one sample bag of the holistic kitten food it's becaues Binx found it when I left the room and tore it open. The little booger!
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that is totally awesome! I have been thinking about doing something similar. How cool!
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thats brilliant and very generous
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Thats wonderful how the companies were willing to help & that they were so generous! That is great Good for you for doing that!!
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Wow! That is wonderful!!!!
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that is wonderful!!
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That is quite generous!
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I don't think the companies realise just how much of a help they are! lol. If the new owner doesn't want any of the food then I'll probably give it to a nearby shelter or save it for my next "orphans", lol.
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That's wonderful! If only cat food companies here were as generous - as it is no-one in Malaysia supplies KMR!!! I actually have to go either to Singapore or Thailand to stock up!
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Oh my! That's a long trip just for some formula! You can't buy anything online?
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
Oh my! That's a long trip just for some formula! You can't buy anything online?
Not worth the price of shipping really - I go to Thailand about 3x a year for shows and I go to Singapore almost every 6-8weeks!
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thats great
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WOW - there are still good people out there. Never thought of asking - see what happens
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Again wow, they sure gave you alot of stuff. Goes to show that there still are generous people out there.
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That's awesome!! Those kitties are sure lucky you have you...and those wonderful companies.
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I'm with everyone! What a great bunch of companies out there that have helped you out!
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Thats brilliant. Never knew companies would be so generous. How many different companies is all the stuff from?
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I think it's 10 different companies right there. I got a 10 little baggies of Npro supplement samples today and Honest Kitchen emailed me and said they would send some sample bags as well.
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Actually, it makes perfect commercial sense for them to send out samples and the like - you use the product and they get more business. Perfect advertising ploy!
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I agree. That's ok though, I don't mind being "used" by them, lol. As long as my kittens get spoiled, that's what counts.
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WOW! That is amazing! You just never know...

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man when me and the neighbor's took in the kittens from outside we did email a few of those companies and got NOTHING. Well we did get coupons from a couple of them but for the most part we got nothing. That's really awesome that you did that and they were so helpful!
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