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Sharky! (and other "food freaks")

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The unnamed (I know! She needs a name!) Siamese girl is a dry food addict. She switched very easily to Nature's Variety Instict (from the Avoderm the shelter fed, and the Purina ONE her previous owners fed), but she keeps vomiting. She doesn't appear to be sick, just puking every now and then (her teeth are okay...some tartar build-up on the back teeth, but nothing more than a cleaning is recommended right now).

I want to get this girl switched to wet food, but I want to get her a little more acclimated to our house before I start messing with her too much. Lucy is on scheduled feedings, but the Siamese is so timid, I'm worried about restricting her food (she's not scared of Lucy, and she is very friendly with us when we're petting her, but she will also run away from the tiniest of things - unless we're in bed, in which case she is a total bed-hog who can't stop kneading everyone). What dry food do you recommend for dry addicts? I've seen some of your posts mention issues with grain-free foods for dry-only cats. The Instinct is grain-free, so I'm wondering if I should feed her something else in the meantime. She's an eight year old Siamese kitty with decent bloodwork (nothing that got my vet's attention).

I have access to tons of great independent pet food stores, and I'm not opposed to buying online, so availability is not an issue. I just want to know the dry addict is eating something decent while I work to get her eating wet. Lucy doesn't eat dry (ever), and I'd like to get this girl eating wet, too.

Should I try Prowl, by The Honest Kitchen? It seems to be readily accepted by everyone (even my ferret loves it, and he has apparently decided all other wet food is vile). Lucy loves it, and she's pretty picky about her food, too.
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Did the shelter tell you if she had a vomitting issue??

which flavor of instict ??
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My cat, Bestia, also has barfing issues. I have my cats on Evo right now, but she still barfs every onow and then. I tried giving her Prowl, but she threw it up. However, she likes it so much that I still give it to her, but in smaller amounts.

The only food she's ever had that she didn't throw up was Maxximum(I think that's what it's called). It's the walmart-brand kitten food. However, I have long since upgraded their food from that.

Maybe you could try switching your kitty to a lamb and rice diet.

Oh yea, as far as wet foods, the best one out ther(IMO) is Evanger's. It's kinda pricey, but it REALLY good. Here's the website: http://www.evangersdogfood.com/

Hope I helped you some.
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There are some quality foods that aren't that pricey. Sharky has posted them a number of times so if you do a quick search you'll find her info.

I feed Merrick's but only because our cats won't touch any of the other quality brands. Merricks is very pricey ($1.69 plus tax for a 5.5 ounce can), but since it's the only wet they'll eat, I bite the bullet and buy it.
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Riley eats Merrick wet california natural dry. Its the chicken and rice flavor and he does very well on it. Its a simple basic recipe so maybe your kitty would do ok with it.
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I apologize for that convoluted post of mine. I just read it again, and I don't even know what I was talking about. I see Sharky has made comments about grain-free foods and dry-only cats. I have seen several references to it, but they all seem to be part of a thread discussing something else, so it never seems to continue to listing specific alternatives. My attempts to search for more specific info seem to be coming up short.

Basically, while feeding this kitty exclusively dry, should I be avoiding the grain-free foods? Why or why not? The Instinct is the chicken variety.

She has only vomited two or three times, and one time was right after some antibiotics, so I haven't yet branded her a "puker". The vet just examined her last Thursday and did bloodwork, so she's not worried about the puking yet.
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