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EMERGENCY. Disease that affects my cat AND MYSELF! I need help!

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I'm pretty new here to the forums. Actually, the only reason why I really registered is a result of long hours researching, disappointment from my vet, and panic.

I have two wonderful five month old kittens. Lotus and Paprika.

Paprika is having some problems. This is a recent problem, and I've asked my vet to help, but he's not sure what's wrong with her.

Only a few days ago I've noticed a change in her. She's a very pleasant kitten, one who does not meow for no reason at all. She's meowing a bit often now, and her meows are horrible to hear. They seem mangled and distressed. My conclusions came to the possibility of a skin disease, for she rubs her back on the carpet for hours, seeming to always have an itch on her back. Also, I've noticed about a month ago that she scoots her butt on the carpet, seeming to itch it as well. She's been given flea and worm medicine, and both my cats are cleared of both.

I've given her a bath, researched online, given more flea medicine, but nothing is working.

But I think I might have the same thing.

About 1-2 weeks I've had this terrible rash/itch on each side of my hips, and a small spot on my upper stomach. Usually I'm just in my underwear when I'm alone around the house, and I cuddle with Paprika and Lotus a lot, especially at night when they like to sleep with me.

I thought of the possibility of ringworm, but my vet ruled it out. The rashes on me are not in a circle pattern, but just a typical rash. I've had ringworm years ago on my leg, and the rash is less mild than the rash i had with ringworm. Paprika also does not have a ring on her back or her butt, she's not losing any hair at all, yet I feel her pain for I itch as well.


What could my cat and I possibly have?!

I love my cats to death. They are like my children, and I keep very close eye on them. I just don't know what to do!

Thank you so much.
-Jessica (and Paprika)
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Well, if your cat is rubbng her butt on the ground, that most likely IS worms. You said she was dewormed.. which dewormer was used, was it from a vet, how many doses did you give and did you have a fecal done? If a fecal showed nothing, she could still have worms. I had a cat pooping out worms once they were so bad but nothing showed up in the fecal.

Also, I think every one of my cats love rubbing and rolling around on the ground or carpeting. Some do it more then others, two do it to the point of getting mattes on their backs.

I highly doubt your rash is related to the cats, but check again on the ringworm idea. I THINK it can appear in the form of a rash, not necessarily a ring only, but I could be wrong on that.
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If you can get to a dermatologist, he/she may be able to identify the problem for both of you.
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There are only a few zoonotic diseases between cats and humans. Ringworm is one of those, but you said that is ruled out. You would know if you had ringworm though because it spreads, it's crusty and itchy and downright miserable.

Scooting can be impacted anal glands did your vet check this? When the glands are full and not secreting during litter pan activity this can make a lot of cats pretty miserable.

If you are getting a rash, I suspect it to be from something already in your carpet or home and not on your cat. Has your home been fumigated for bugs recently? Your vet can give you some products to help.

If you used over-the-counter flea treatments including shampoo this can also be what might be wrong with your cat. Many of those products are unsafe, even those claiming to be safe can cause harm. Your vet can guide you on the proper products for worming and for fleas.

Your cat could be allergic to the food, something in the air, or something on your floor it is hard to tell.

Those are just some ideas that come to mind after reading your post. You can take your cat in for a skin scraping, but those aren't always conclusive either.
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I feel your pain. Have you seen a doctor for your rash yet? It sounds like it could be an allergy of sorts. Have you changed cleaning products like laundry detergent? Also it could be some sort of bug like a bed bug. I really don't have any advice. All I know is it sounds like a contact dermititus issue witch could effect both of you. Best thing I can suggest is calamine(sp) lotion for you(not the cat, you only) to help ease the itch and start to go through your home with a fine tooth come. Look at all cleaning agents especially new ones. Also if the rash on you does not go away get to a dermatoligist and have them diagnose it. I hope someone will come along with more advice soon. Good luck and welcome to TCS. I hope you stick around we are a great group and love to help.
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Thank you, Jen, for replying so soon.

Both cats, Lotus and Paprika, have had one dose of worm shots, then about four weeks later I noticed some more, so they had another. My vet said they can only get tapeworms from a host (flea), so, they got flea medicine as well. I know how kittens like to rub around on the carpet, but it's obvious that she's itching herself, especially on her butt. I ruled out worms because she mostly itches herself on her back, yet there's no rash or hair loss on her back. However, she keeps meowing in such a horrible way, I can only tell how painful it must be for her.

Since I've had ringworm on my leg before, I know that ringworm (which isn't a worm, rather a fungus) only forms in a complete circle like an O. What's on me is just a rash, feels less mild, and doesn't have any signs of pus like ringworm does.

She received two doses of: Nemex for deworming
She's on Advantage flea medicine.
She takes regular flea baths.
She's an indoor cat.
We have no mice or signs of fleas.

Thank you, Jen, and anyone who's following this thread. It means so much to us.

-Jessica and Paprika
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the flea baths can be drying out her skin and causing rashes and irritation. Any reason you flea bathe when you also treat with advantage? That might just be overkill. I didn't even think about impacted anal glands. Has your vet or yourself expressed her anal glands lately? That might be the problem as Hissy mentioned.

I agree too that it could be a food allergy. She sounds a lot like my Da-Ku in behavior. I am taking him to the vet/school on Friday most likely for a fecal. He has been dewormed for everything but Coccidia which is next on the list. He does the same things though, rolls like he is itchy, his fur ripples and twitches like there is physically bugs all over him (he doesn't have fleas) and he scoots his butt. He is also having diarrhea too.
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Thank you, everyone. The help is amazing! I know I'm going to love it here!

The flea bath solution could be a suspect, yet I use it on Lotus as well and she's fine. I've also noticed the itching on Paprika before the baths, and the solution is 100% organic, promising no harsh chemicals and was suggested by my vet. I'm not so much concerned about the rash on my body, for anti-fungal creams and lotions are easy to come by. I'm mostly worried about the comfort of my cat and the potential of Paprika spreading it to Lotus, or myself spreading it to Lotus or increasing it on Paprika.

If only cats could talk
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I have thought of impacted anal glands, but I've only seen her rub her butt on the carpet about three times, opposed to her back which is about every hour. I think the problem lies on her back, which could have spread to her backside. My vet inspected her anal glands about two months ago, saying they were healthy.
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what is she eating???

Did the vet take a stool sample to ensure the worming was effective>???

Have you changed any cleaning agents in your house??
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Has she been checked for mites? Cheyletiella, Demodex and Sarcoptic mites can cause itchy skin in cats, and can affect humans as well.
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What about plants?

Did you bring in any plants, maybe they have some kind of insecticide on them that you and your cat are allergic to.

Or, are you using any plug-ins for air freshener? Any kind of air freshener?

What about the litter, is it scented?
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Has Lotus been spayed yet?

I'm thinking your rash could be a result of nerves from dealing with her situation.
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I would stop the baths. If you are regularly flea treating with advantage and bathing, you are not effectively killing fleas. Advantage of itself is all you need to kill fleas. Bathing could be drying the skin, you could be using a product that is toxic to your pet. Water dilutes the topical flea treatment. Cat's don't need baths except in extreme emergencies. God made them pretty capable of being good self-groomers. If you have such an issue with fleas then treat your home and your cat for fleas, but do so safely.
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My inclination is that this is a bug — fleas, mites, bedbugs,or something else. And that in addition to that, the cat may still have worms. There are several types of worms, and different medications to treat each one... also, they sometimes can't be seen with the eye and repeated doses are needed. But this all should be done by a vet.
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Could it be some kind of scabies?
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My first thought besides the itchiness, is that the cat could be in heat. You've got such great advice for the fleas, itchiness, rash etc. that I don't want to just say what everyone else is saying, but keep in mind that 5 month old kittens CAN go into heat, and they really seem to be suffering sometimes.
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What about a food allergy? My cat has food allergies and when they flair up, it comes out with her itching and rubbing on the carpet......and.....scooting.
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i'm not saying this is what you have....
but when i rescued Firefox, she had both ringworm & a bacterial skin infection. she passed the latter on to me, which highly resembled impetigo [a bacterial skin infection caused by staph]. i had to take a round of antibiotics [as did she] in order to get rid of it.
mine wasn't truly a rash, per se - more like chigger or mosquito bites. you know, kinda isolated. VERY ITCHY! mine looked very different from hers, too.
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Has your vet considered feline hyperesthesia syndrome? My vet thinks that my Maggie may have a componant of it, as she does the back twitching, tail lashing and running around the house like a maniac. It might be a behavioral problem, or an allergy triggered problem. These are a few of the things that come to my mind. I also agree with the others. There's no need to bathe as well as use Advantage. I would think after the first bath and application of Advantage, that continued bathing would be counterproductive, and possibly be what's causing the skin irritation, if that is, indeed, what is going on.

Good luck!

Pookie & the girls
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Just another thought, could you and your cat be allergic to the flea medicine!
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How long ago did you apply the Advantage? When I have applied Advantage on Dori she responded just the way yours has, by rubbing her back all over the carpet constantly for up to a week or two after the application. I have been told by three vets that Advantage does not cause that sort of reaction, but in her it does. My thoughts are that it burns her skin.
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