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Bad news about Bentley

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Hi all ,

I greatly appreciate your help with SIR BENTLEY , but today I've decided that he has to go . I cannot tolerate this behavior any longer and am frazzled beyond belief. Just an hour ago , he used the box to deficate and then proceeded to use my daughters bed to urinate . I can't find a "Rescue society " here in New Orleans for Persians !

I will give him 1 more day and then if I can't find someone near New Orleans to take him and get him the proper treatment . I'll have to take him to the vet and see what they can do to adopt him out .

I really hate to do this as ya'll know , but after Rogers broken leg and paying that bill.....I'm not financially able to give Bentley the proper care that he deserves and I cannot live with all the mess . It's taking up my whole life and frankly , I can't live my live around a cat with this behavioral problem .

If ANYONE knows someone that can manage to retrain him , please mail me...I really feel bad about this . He's such a sweet kittie.......Perfect , except for this 1 thing and it's a doozie !

Thanks SOOOO much ,

Rebecca P.
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Hang on Rebecca, I am trying to get in contact with a Persian rescue to see if they can help you. In the meantime, put him in a small room with vinyl floors and two litter pans and see if you can retrain him that way. Make sure the space is big enough so that the litterpans do not sit by the food bowls, but are in the same room.

You did take him to the vet didn't you to have him checked out for a UTI didn't you? Sorry don't have time to read all your posts at the moment.
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Did you follow all of the suggestions in the Inappropriate Urination thread? They are all easy to do and almost always will work.

Also, I saw where you went to the vet who didn't do what you wanted with Bentley. Did you ever get him to a new vet? It could be as easy as a week or two on antibiotics to take care of the problem.

I understand how exasperated you are, but these problems are almost always curable. Do as Hissy said for now...put him in a small room with a vinyl floor so that he cannot have any more accidents. Once he is using the litter box regularly you will be able to let him out into the rest of the house.
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Hi all ,

I finally got SOMEONE to listen to me after TONS of phone calls......finally !!!!
She's not from a "Rescue Society" per se' but from an animal shelter that places kitties across the river . And She is furious that the initial Vets did not check immediately for a U.T.I. or crystals right off the bat as I am . Not to mention giving him another fecal check when the 1st came out clear . She is going to report him and......*Drum roll please*
She's going to get me to a Dr. that will look at NO charge and give him the appropriate treatment !

Ironically this Veterinarian was one that I used to take Roger to years back . He's a drive away , but , I'll do whatever I have to at this point !

I felt his bladder and it's not sore or hard , so he's in NO pain and I've been monitoring him 24/7 , might as well , I'm up with Roger anyways !!!! He's urinating just fine , drinking tons of fluids and eating very well . Did I mention that I used to work for a Veterinarian ????? I don't think so.....

You ask WHY then am I coming to ya'll for help , I'm sure . It's because I've never had this problem with any kittie that I've adopted , honestly . And the ones that came into the vets office where I worked were just put to sleep instantly . THAT was too heartbreaking ( hence my reason for quitting ) . So , I never got to see exactly how this was treated , see what I mean ?
Mind you , this was also about 20 years ago that I worked for the S.O.A.B. ! I knew he was a heartless you know what , but I was very young and at that time I was told that it was " Normal Protocol" B.S. !

Anyway , I'm waiting on a call from the woman and hopefully by tomorrow , He'll be on Meds and on the road to recovery !

Please PRAY that this turns out well and again , I thank you all for your support ! You ALL have been an !!!!

Thanks so much again and I'll keep ya'll posted .

Much respect ,

Rebecca P.
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I'm so glad to hear that Bentley will have another chance--and free treatment. I don't understand your old vet. I always tell my vet to do everything possible as long as my animal has a chance for some healthy, happy years--or even months.
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This was NOT my regular Vet . He was one that was SUPPOSED to examine the kitties for free for adopting them . When I told him that the 2cnd fecal was not necessary , he got an attitude . Which tells me , he's not a caring person at all . And get this......HE BILLED ME FOR IT when he told me that he wouldn't ! it's only 13 bucks , but still....the GALL !

I do hope he gets at least penalized for his , shall we say NON-ACTION ? for lack of a better term .....

As you can see , I'm a bit miffed at the moment . But I Do appreciate your concern and care and for taking the time to respond to my post . You are yet another to help me through this.....Bless you ALL !

Rebecca P.
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I am soo glad that you got him the correct treatment. Glad to hear he is doing better now

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Hurray Rebecca! I'm so glad things look like they're taking a turn for the better. Tons of prayers coming your way - for you and Sir Bentley.
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Is Bently still doing ok? Keep us posted on his progress.

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Yeah, how is Bentley?

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Hello to all of you people ,

I am proud to announce that Sir Bentley is doing just fine !

I took him to my old Veterinarian and he didn't even have to take a urine sample initially . He knew right off the bat that he did indeed have a blockage . He immediately sedated him and cathed him as to get a specimen for a test , but then removed a crystal from his L. Ureter . Checked the right one and all was clear there ! Poor Bentley peed all over the table !!!!
Anyway , he ran several tests with the urine and of course there were some WBC'S w/ OCCULT BLOOD , but not too bad . He's on Antibiotics , still a lil groggy though . Shhhhhh.........He's asleep right next to me.....*L* Thank GOD he's gonna be fine !

I do want to share something with ya'll that he's started to do as of yesterday morning . Ya'll will *LOL* ! And I'm too pleased to share this with all of you ! :tounge2:

I have Linoleum floors in my house and Mr. Bentley has decided that he likes to start from the back of the house at top speed , I live in a "shotgun" house , if ya'll know what that is . Anyway , when he makes it to my daughters room ( second room from the front) he flips onto his side and glides all the way to the front door and crashes into it , You can almost hear him saying "Wheeeeeee" ! Then repeats it about 4 or 5 times . It's NOT neurosis , Ya can tell he's having a blast cause he looks at me an waits for me to laugh . If I don't laugh , he won't do it ! Like a small child wanting attention , ya know ? Even the Vet laughed and he's not one to laugh easily , he takes his work VERY seriously.....

Just wanted to share with ya'll some good news and a lil laughter . Thanks SO much for being here for me ,'tis greatly appreciated , I cannot say enough to Thank each and everyone of Ya'll ......... (((((HUGS)))))

Sincerely ,

Rebecca P.

P.S. ROGER says : Hi Ya'll ! *LOL*
He's watching me type and swiping at the window when it moves , goofy cat he is !
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Wow that is so cool that he is doing great now!
Sounds like he is a really fun kitty too!
Yay for you and Bently!

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I WISH I could take all the credit , but w/o ya'll , I'd most likely have given up......well maybe not , but I was that frustrated , ya know ?
He is a very special kitty and funny too . A lot like Maryann , the one I lost a few months back , sometimes I wonder if she sent him to me . I know that sounds kinda freakish . But , after all , GOD sent Ya'll to me !
That's WHY I call ya'll my "ANGELS" !!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for caring sweetie ,

Rebecca P.
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I was ready to ask you to send him to live with me! LOL. Of course I would have ended up divorced, and my kitties would have to leave the lifestyle they have become accustom to! Give him kitty hugs from all of us!
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My first ,

NOT to slight the others at all , but if it weren't for you . I'd have not continued to post and would given up . But then you sent me your other angels and I just HAD to keep on ! BLESS YOU !!!!!!!

I gotta get off this subject cause Im'a cry.......with happiness , NOT pain !

I TREASURE each and everyone of you ! (((HUGS TIGHT))))

Rebecca P.
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I'm glad I was there when you needed me! Anything you need help with, just ask us, and we will be there for you.
I'm glad you found us! (((HUGS))) right back!!! You have made my day!
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Glad you didn't give up on Mr. Bently Sometimes it helps to talk about a problem with others who care about the same things that you do. You are Bently's too!
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Rebecca, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear the news. Poor Bentley must have been terrible uncomfortable. I can just picture him sliding down that hall! What a relief and a joy that must be for you! I hope it's smooth sailing from now on!
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As a newbie I was really touched AND impressed with this thread and how everyone pitched in to help out poor Bentley! What a success story! I'm very proud to be a member now and am so happy that I found your board.
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Originally posted by Rebecca P.
Anyway , when he makes it to my daughters room ( second room from the front) he flips onto his side and glides all the way to the front door and crashes into it , You can almost hear him saying "Wheeeeeee" ! Then repeats it about 4 or 5 times . It's NOT neurosis , Ya can tell he's having a blast cause he looks at me an waits for me to laugh . If I don't laugh , he won't do it ! Like a small child wanting attention , ya know ?
Too funny!!

Sorry I missed this thread before! It's hard to keep up with everything going on at this site!

Glad that you persisted and everything turned out well!

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Hi there ,

Yes indeed , Sir Bentley has turned out to be quite the card . He's romping amuck with my oldest kittie Roger *LOL*
Who by the way , is NOT supposed to be romping at all , but , Ya can't stop an old romper . Roger actually had Bentley at a loss last night . They were running together and Ben went to "take" Roger down .......HA HA !


Roger got him in a headlock and crashed Bentleys head into the floor . He used to play with Maryann this way , and I assume it freaked Bentley out . *LOL* No harm though , like I said , they were playing and Bentley just kinda shook his head a few times and crawled up by me , like a child that's been scorned by another parent ! *LOL*

Thanks for askin , hope all is well with you and yours !

Rebecca P.

P.S. Thanks SO much for ya'lls input and for caring . It's really pulled us all through this........NO MORE ACCIDENTS !!!!!!
I've said it once and I'll say it again , Ya'll have been real
to put up with me and my rambling......BLESS YA'LL !
(and yes , that's HOW we type YOU ALL in New Orleans) , Not Y'all...........Nah......That's just not correct ! *LOL*
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I thought I was the only southerner (originally from NC) that typed ya'll

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Hey hun ,

Ya know that's true ! Albeit gramatically incorrect , WHO cares , right ? Where are you from originally, if you don't mind my asking that is . I'm a born and raised New Orleanian , well......since I was 18 and moved across the world several times . But the accent remains I suppose ! *LOL*
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