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On Aug 31st, I finally got my driver's license! This last Sunday my Mom and her girlfriend brought my car to me, and I have been driving everyday!

I am so happy about this! I am so happy that I can now drive a car around like any normal adult. I'm 24, and it's taken me this long because I originally wasn't very good, then I didn't have anyone to teach me. Also, when I lived in Chicago, I didn't need one. I had to find a driving school here so I could learn.

So, now I can look for a second job. Now I don't have to use the craptastic bus system here. Now I don't have to use cabs to take the kitties to the vet, or worry about how I'd get to the vet in an emergency.


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Congratulations!! I can tell you are so excited!! Good for you! It took 3 times to pass the test to get mine!
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P.S. - I love the word "craptastic"
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Thats fantastic!!!!
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Woohoo! Congratulations! I failed my drivers test the first time, I was so embarrassed! I found out the fiance failed the first time also though. I know the feeling of wanting to drive everywhere and not leave the seat!
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Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it?

And "craptastic" just got added to my personal dictionary!
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