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Carpet Demon!

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Hello, I have a cat thats wrecking my carpet. If we lock her out of the bedroom she claws at the door and the carpet under the door. I guess its her way of trying to dig under the door to get in the room. I have exposed carpet padding and tacks from her doing it so much. I'm at my last straw, any tips?
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Some people have had success using chairmats you can get at office stores. These are the ones with the spikes on one side to grip the carpet. Turn it over so that you have it with the spikes up.
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Actually you can buy clear plastic carpet runner with the spikes. It's much cheaper and much easier to cut to size than a chair mat. Put that on the floor spiky side up in front of the door. You can also protect walls and woodwork by taping poster paper or kraft paper to them.
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Have you tried soft paws?? They might work. My sister has them on her cat and although she still picks and claws at the carpet, it doesn't do as much damage.
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Oh my goodness I had this same problem!!! It was horrible and I was even in an apartment! Luckily the carpet had been laid very badly and there was an extra 1 inch strip that was placed under the door to make up for a bad laying job. I was able to say that the badly laid carpet wouldn't stay down and the vaccume would suck the carpet up and that's why it looked so horrible!

Use a carpet runner! It might not look that attractive but at least it will save you a lot of money! Enzo still tried to dig up the carpet runner but it's so thick he can't do anything but put some scratch marks on it. It's also thin enough you can cut it with sizzors so that it isn't so long.
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