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SubQ - Needlestick

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While giving Sassy her SubQ tonight, she got upset and moved, dislodging the needle and the needle tip scratched my thumb causing a small bit of bleeding.

I washed up the small wound with first aid antibacterial cleaner, put neosporin on the wound and a bandaid. Do you think it needs to be seen by a doctor? I know that Sassy doesn't have any diseases since she's under a vet's care. Thank you in advance!
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It sounds like you've done what you need to do. I would just keep an eye on it, and if it starts to look inflamed, then go to a doctor. Otherwise, I should think you'd be fine!
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Let's just say, I'm very well vaccinated for every canine and feline disease you can think of. I was an ACO for almost 2 years and I frequently scratched and/or poked myself with the needles when giving vaccinations. I never had any problems, I called the doctor when it happened the first time and they told me that if I got infected or felt weird to go to the doc but nothing happened. I didn't worry about it after the first time.
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This sort of thing is of concern to human nurses of human patients where the patient has Hepatitis or is +HIV. There is nothing of that nature that you can contract from your cat. The only concern would be from bacteria entering the wound, so as long as you washed it out and keep it clean there should be nothing to worry about.
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You should be fine as long as you cleaned it well as you said you have.
I have been stuck many times by needles myself at the vet hospital and nothing ever happened. Being bit by a cat..ummm different story!
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