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Where's Penka?

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Penka loves to sleep under the blankets on the spare bed, she has boycotted her cat bed and blanket for our ones. I caught her this morning sleeping and I just had to take this photo!
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LOL! How cute is that?! A number of people have mentioned that their cats like to sleep under the covers. None of our kitties sleep under the covers, though after the first couple of days, they've all ditched their kitty-bed. ...but how do they breathe when they're completely covered up like that?

The closest thing we have to a "covered kitty" is Sheldon, who loves to "dig" his way under the throw carpets, where he'll wait as long as necessary to JUMP OUT and "surprise" pounce on the other kitties!

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What a cute picture! It did take me a few seconds to figure out where Penka was! LOL What a cutie.

Laurie, that's a really cute pic of Shelly too. Trent tried to do that the other day, but could only manage to find one side of a Coke case (it has coupons on it I haven't clipped yet) leaning against phone books on the floor. He really thought he was hidden so well that no one could see him and was very hurt when hubby grabbed his tail. He just knew that as long as his face was under the cardboard, the rest of him was hidden too.
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Cute pic!

Nakita has always slept under the covers with us. I don't know how she stands it but she likes it. But she only sleeps beside me and will usually lay on her back keeping her balance by leaning against me.

Too cute!

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The only time Pearl will let me handle her much is when she cuddles up under the covers. She will go sit by the bed and stare at me if she thinks I am up too late and she wants to go to bed. She will run away until I get in the right position for her, then she will sneak across the pillows and dive under the covers. I have to pet her until she has had enough or she will cry and poke me with her paw. If I fall asleep, she will put her cold little nose in my navel.
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Those pictures are great! My cats don't usually sleep under the covers either. Once, when Molly was little, I was napping on the sofa. I was awakened by claws on my butt and thighs. She had burrowed under the blanket and was completely happy, but she must have wanted me to move.
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