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He bites my face still!

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Hi! I read the Ouch post in the stickies and whatnot. I have posted about this before when it had started. I got a stray cat and when I had first got him he was about 7 months and loved getting kisses. He grew out of that and when I would kiss him too much he would go after my face... makes sense.
He is now almost 3 years old. He is a big kittie (15 lbs domestic short hair) and since he started attacking my face I did watch how often I would kiss him and how close I would get to him and watch him and the way he acts.

Anyways, so now I moved and he wants outside so bad. I do put him out and he has a cage thing he gets in. He stretches up for me to pick him up which I thought was cute, but he has claws and he started jumping up and latching on to get me to pick him up. I do pick him up and look outside with him but I do not want him to think I am going to put him out when he acts like this so I just set him back down and go on with my stuff. He just did the reach up thing and I was holding him and I tried to put him down but he dug his claws in my back so I went to stand back up and once I got stood up he turned to my face and bit it hard! I had not put my face in his face, I actually look away a lot when he is that close to my face. When I hold him I make sure he is very secure and when i was trying to put him down I was holding him secure and got really close to the ground so he shouldnt have thought that I was going to hurt him.
What can I do to make him not bite my face?! When he does bite me I will blow in his face and slap my hands loudly and whatnot. Please help!!!!
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The short answer to this is stop picking him up. If I've read this correctly, you are picking him up to show him the outdoors, and he's either excited by it or nervous about it, and that is causing his reaction. Just stop doing it to him and you won't have this problem any more! Cats can be very direct with their behaviour towards you when they want or don't want something, the best way to stop it happening is to not put them in a position where they have to demonstrate their wishes in that manner.
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and if there no way to get him to his cage harness and leash train him so you can walk him out there.
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thanks for the responds. he aparently doesnt want me to do a lot of things bc he does it so often. he plays very rough so i thought sometimes it was apart of him playing, and his "love bites" are on my face too. it is weird. thanks again! i was expecting a little bit more difficult answer, i feel pretty dumb now.
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Maia is a very aggressive, rough player as well. She will lunge at my legs, sometimes I play with her through a blanket and she spits and goes crazy! Some kitties are more aggressive, atleast thats the way I look at it........
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be careful!!
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Let the poor wee thing back out if he's pining for the outside!
If he's been an outside cat before he's prob getting bored of your company and want to go out and find something to chase/ mate/ kill etc!

give him some space!

My girls go for me if they get smothered stalkers just a cheeky man though and waits til ya fussing him but not looken then bites ya hand, lil beggar!
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he has not been like this at all to get out up until a few days ago. i found out yesterday there was another cat outside. now i know why he has been acting so weird, can't believe i hadnt seen that cat til yesterday. my kitties are not allowed outside w/o bein in the cage. i live in a smaller college town and it just isn't the best idea for cats to be out on their own.

i do let serj back out when he wants to go, but he has to behave first. i shut the door and as long as he doesnt tear at the bottom of the door for a lil bit he is allowed to go out.

he is just one of those more aggressive kitties... but he is a love!
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