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Originally Posted by Cocoalily View Post

Here's the updated version. As usual, I'll gladly add anyone pet to it!
Oh thank you SO much. It brought tears to my eyes to see my precious Princess and Marbles on the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thank you so much for putting Jasmine on there
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Thankyou for putting Napoleon on. I have had a bad time this month with his anniversary, and it is lovely to see him there.
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I started crying as soon as I saw it. Thank you for putting Howard on there. I can even find the words right now.... Thats how I want to think of him...
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That is so sweet of you! Thank you so much!

I had posted things about my old girl a few days before she died and then again the day after she died. It was so sad and I still miss her She was 16 years old in the picture and only a few months away from turning 17

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Hey Cocoalily, could you add my baby boy Wukong in there too? =)

Thanks so much for doing this. Its a sweet thought
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Thank you so much for putting Duchess in there! She was such an angel.
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I just noticed this thread, and would really appreciate it, Cocoalily, if you could add my precious Damian's pic to the Rainbow Bridge. I only had him for about 2 years, when he suddenly crossed over w/ what the vet thought was a stroke. He wasn't w/ me for long, but he was very special, and I loved him w/ all my heart.

BTW, your Rainbow Bridge pic is just beautiful, and you're a sweetheart for making it!

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Here's the updated image:

My condolences to all of you who've suffered losses.
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OMG! That is just so beautiful! Thank you so much for adding my precious Damian at the Rainbow Bridge, Cocoalily!

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I noticed my picture wasn't working Here's another one. I would be so thankful if you put her on there too.

This is my sweet Metallica, she died at almost 17. I lost her to CRF early this year.
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Is it too late to add Glitch?? I ran into this thread through your siggy!

Its very beautiful....

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Hi, would you also add Runway to the picture for Carwashcats? I know that she didn't get the chance to catch and own her, but she loved her so much!
Thank you! Your picture really is a beautiful work of art. Here is the link to the post of Runway's picture.

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That is soo nice.
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