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Originally Posted by carwashcats View Post
So keep your head up, and when your feeling low, just ..... look up! PM me anytime! I'm here for ya!
Thank you!
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Exercises for your hands can help. You should ask your doctor, but one of those little squeezy stress balls helps me when my hands hurt. You can also roll them with your feet.
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Still sort of worried about this whole thing. . . I know I can make it through this. . . I am hoping for remission! We will see what the rheumatologist has to say tuesday. . .
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my aunt has had lupus for a long time and here are a few things she would share

love yourself. see you own self worth and don't ever doubt it.
take care of yorself.
don't feel guilty.

yes, many people cope just fine, don't take that to mean that you're weak or pathetic if you have a bad patch. like someone said, a flare up can last a long time. my aunt's lupus has been pretty severe and she suffers from many lupus related conditions. two years ago, she went into a coma after routine surgery. and even though she's feeling good nowadays, she has a bad days when she feels down and miserable.

we're not always there to support her and her teenage daughters are always sympathetic. so, while friends and family are a great support network, you also have to develop the support network that is always available too, that being yourself.

the other medical stuff, everyone has touched on so i have nothing to add. my thoughts are with you
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Lupus is an autoimmune disease - meaning your body thinks of itself as foreign cells. Treatment consists of slowing your immune system down enough that it won't attack itself, but still function well enough to protect you from infection.
To begin with, it will be trial and error to figure out what works best for you - NSAIDs such as aspirin or ibprofen; steroids such as prednisone or a mild chemotherapy. The treatment will vary as the Lupus flares up and then subsides.

I have several friends with it and it really doesn't impact their lives that much at this point.
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I'm so sorry! I can't give you much advice, but my friend in high school was dianosed with lupus and is still doing great. I hope the best for you! Everyone on TCS is here for you!

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I am so glad that you listened to the little voice in your head and went for your physical.

To all of you out there, thank you for giving my daughter your support. When she was first diagnosed, we too did not know much about it. It was very scary. We have since been doing much research. She is also on meds and aspirin and the rash has healed beautifully! As long as she keeps listening to the Dr. and does what she is supposed to do I am confident things will be fine.

We are now waiting for the second round of blood work to see where her levels are....liver, white cells, etc.

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