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Send prayers/vibes for little Larry

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Hi everybody,

I hope this is the right forum for this, I normally post in the feral cat forum.

I just wanted to ask for prayers and good vibes for little Larry who will be going to the vet tomorrow for a tail amputation. He is one of the three feral kittens that we brought in to socialize about 2 1/2 months ago. (Due to bouts of roundworm, giardia and general illness, these kittens are only now ready for adoption.) He is also suffering from an eye infection also that we cannot get rid of. The vet will also be neutering him at the same time. Isn't four months a little young for this? He is the runt of the bunch so I worry about him. He was born with a kink in his tail and then he was stepped on and his tail was broken. We all feel absolutely terrible about this...

Anyway, please send a prayer up that everything goes okay.
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For Larry! Feel Better Larry!
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Aww, poor little fellow. I don't think four months seems too young to be neutered but its been ages since mine were kittens. I'll be sending good vibes
(My cat Kinky was born with a kink in his tail!)
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Sending healing vibes for little Larry. Bless his little soul.
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Good luck little Larry! One of my boyfriend's cats had his tail amputated as well--he was an adult at the time, and we found him outside with a broken tail and decided to take him in. He's 10 years old now and doing just fine--I'm sure Larry will be fine too.

The shelters in my area neuter when they reach 2 pounds--usually around 8 weeks old.
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My mom's Tali is a fellow tail amputee. Good luck to little Larry. Tali recovered well and doesn't seem to have suffered for lack of a tail.
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AwwWwWwWwWw !!!!! Feel Better From
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****** For Larry! I'm sure he'll be fine and a lot of cats are neutered/spayed at four months. Poor guy and his tail but he'll live without it.
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Thank you so much for your well wishes! It's going to be tough because he'll be staying there for a couple of days afterward and like I said earlier, he is the runt of the bunch. Here's a photo of him from when he was in the going in and out stage before we finally got him to want to be inside all of the time. Mama was helping raise them then. She got them in the daytime and we got them at night.

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Sending lots of for Larry!!!
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How absurdly cute is that kitten? Those white whiskers against that black background are too cute. I love the symmetrical paws. I'm not normally a fan of black and white kitties (aesthetically - I know they're good cats, just like other kitties), but he is terribly cute.
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Larry is ADORABLE!! Sending mega {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Larry recovers well & finds just an absolutely wonderful, forever home!! Bless you for rescuing those precious babies....By the way, as a "rumpy" Manx, Joey thinks that Larry will be off-the-scale cool with his new look
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My feral boy William had to have his tail amputated this past May too, due to an injury. When I brought him home he had to wear an e-collar for 10 days and I had to keep him in his own room in my house while he recovered.

Until then I had not been able to even touch him and had not been indoors, and I had to trap him to get his tail looked at.

While he was inside, he let me pet him and now he and I are the best of friends.

The vet put some really bitter stuff on the stump of his tail so that even after I was able to remove the collar, he did not want to lick or mutilate that spot.

Anyhow, here are all my best vibes. I know what you are going through. I hope your little Larry will be fine and that this will bring you closer together like it did to me and my William!
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Get well soon Larry.
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Thanks for all of your well wishes.

We brought Larry home today and it he is in great spirits for someone who just had his tail amputated. In fact he won't settle down at all. He is currently in a cage so his brother and sister won't take his stitches out but he refuses to go to sleep. He will fall to sleep on me but the minute I put him down he wakes up and starts following me. And he wants desperately to be with his brother and sister. It's so sad. How can I make him feel more secure so he will go to sleep? I feel terrible. He has never slept alone before last night.

His former tail isn't much more than a stump...The vet had to take off more than we originally thought. I guess I am a big baby, it's going to take some time for me to get used to it. I guess it will look better when he gets hair?

I just took him out of the cage again... He was making a complete mess of it. He just will not settle. The vet said he would be groggy, but I am afraid he is very much the opposite...

I guess I should just let him make a mess and cry? Yikes! I've got ten more days of this! For those of you that have been through this already, any advice will, once again, be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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While most cats are groggy after anesthesia, some end up with the opposite effect. It sounds like he's one of those. You might allow him some supervised visits with his siblings, particularly if you're using bitter apple or another yucky tasting deterrent. The tail will definitely look better with more hair, and it will probably take a couple of months for the hair to grow in completly.
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I finally put him in the cage last night around 1:00 AM and left and when I checked back a half hour later he was asleep. I just can't believe the amount of energy he has. I really thought he would sleep more! I also thought the pain medicine would put him out a bit but when he got it this morning- no effect again!

As suggested we have been letting him out for supervised visits and watching him like a hawk. It seems to be helping. He has started going by the back door and calling to go out now, maybe to see his mom. That's a little heartbreaking.

Anyway...That's just an update. By the way...I, too, think little Larry's adorable! Thank you for the nice comments.
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