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I fixed my computer desk

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Several months ago one of the screws that holds my keyboard tray up fell out and my keyboard tray was lopsided. A couple days ago the screw from the otherside came out too which left my keyboard at a weird angle because the back screws were still holding up the tray bracket.

Today I couldn't stand it anymore because I was getting a back ache from it being so low, not to mention it was resting on my knee which was uncomfortable. I pulled out my electric drill and got down on the floor and hoped that I would be able to get back up again. I saw that there were 3 holes in the top part of the bracket that is beneath the desktop, and one on the side against the side of the desk. I figured that placing the screws in the side bracket holes would be better. So I drilled new holes for the side ones and put in the screws. Now my keyboard tray is like new again and it's stronger because the weight of it is on the sides instead of pulling down from the top.

I don't use my power drill often, but it's nice to know it's around incase I do need it like today. Having someone come out to fix my desk would have cost about $50.00 or more.
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That always feels good to do something on your own like that!

I am always using my Hubbys power tools, they are fun!
I wanted to know how to use them too...they have helped me out alot

Good job on fixing your computur desk!
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I think I preferred it when it was broken, at least on one side! LOL

The keyboard tray keeps sliding in on me and is making my mouse work very difficult! Not to mention I eventually find myself hunched over my desk with my arm and keyboard under the desk because the tray has gradually slid underneath.

Careful what you wish for, it may not be all that you think.
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hehe good job, hmm, i seem to have my home keyboard, being held up but a couple of books, lol i like mine at a tilted up higher then normal
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