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Cat shows?

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Hello everyone,
I was wondering where I can locate a cat show in Minnesota? I have no idea even where to begin looking. Also, a North Dakota cat show would be an option. I want to go to one, so I can see a variety of breeds of purebred cat. I have never been to one, but, am wondering, do the people that attend the show get to get up close to the cats on the show and actually talk to the breeders? Cindy W.
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You can view the list of shows at www.tica.org. This would be for the TICA shows. Yes you can talk to breeders. You can even see the cats up close. Most will not let you touch there cat.
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TICA won't be having any shows in MN or ND, however, CFA is having several in Minnesota (none in either Dakota) in the coming months:

January 25-26 St. Paul, MN - River Centre/Roy Wilkins Exibition Hall
March 1-2 Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis Convention Center
May 3-4 Invergrove Heights, MN (no location listed yet)

I'm sure you will really enjoy going to a show (I know I do!). If they are offering them, pick up a spectator's guide, which will explain what is going on at the show and make it easier to follow.

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