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Could it be possible?

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Hi! i know i didn't come here very long time and i'm sorry. i enjoy something very strange with my kitten Lion. don't worry, he's ok!

few days ago, in the evening, he was very very fussy. he couldn't calm down. he walked and ran all the time in house. many times on the same places he allready walked.

the next morning neighbour's house was on fire. my mom told me that LIon was upset because he felt something like that will be happen'. i wanna know can it be true?

see ya!
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Cats have great senses about those things...we totally believe your cat knew!

Like Oscar the cat - he senses when people are going to pass away.
"Oscar the Cat—a feline who cuddles up with patients in the moments just before they meet their makers"
Heres the article if you want to read it: http://www.slate.com/id/2171469/
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Yes, dogs and cats and other animals can sense changes in the air/ground a lot better then we can. Its been documented that before an earthquake or volcano eruption, that the animals will act weird.
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just last night i watched "animal omens" on national geographic! it was really interesting how animals can sense these things. one school of thought was that animals can hear infrasound which is inaudible to us humans. they're said to be able to hear the rumblings of the earth. but in my opinion, aside from the infrasound thing, i think they have sort of a sixth sense about these things. maybe animals are a lot more perceptive than us. here in the philippines, there are lots of stories about chickens going up high in trees right before an earthquake! and also on the show, apparently a LOT of animals suddenly got up and left their homes right before the 04 tsunami so there were very little casualties from the animal population in the disaster stricken areas. its definitely intriguing!
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I am sure that is what happened. It is really fascinating. We don't tend to think about how our pets' sense of hearing, smell, and other senses are so much more attuned to different needs than ours. Thank you so much for sharing that experience!

Here is a good article about how dogs can smell cancer- yep! http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases...0106002944.htm
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