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Hard stomach - Please help

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We found a stray about 11 weeks ago. Dave just recently lost his job and we haven't had the funds to get her spayed yet, but we have had her wormed and she was healthy.

Just this past couple of days I noticed that her stomach is getting huge. She's acting normal, still playing and chasing, and jumping on everything. She doesn't have worms, as I check the litterbox daily and nothing at all out of the ordinary.

It's very hard, but I can still push it in a little, ya know? She doesn't like her belly to be played with anyway, so I can't play with it for too long.

Dave lost his job, and we're struggling, but I'll do everything I can for her. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be?

I can't see how she's pregnant, as her nipples are normal and she hasn't had contact with an intact male for at least 11 weeks.

Please help, any is appreciated!

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i dont know what specificly is wrong with her but oviously she is ill.

She needs to be taken to the vet. if you do not have the funds you will have to wait untill you do.

if she is playing it cant be hurting her yet.
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For now, just keep watching her...you are doing a good job already with that, just keep at it.

Keep feeling her belly - feel all around her belly to see if it is sensitive to your touch. Its usually a good sign if it isn't sensitive. Something may be wrong or something may not. All you can do right now is just to keep an eye on her & keep feeling her belly to see if there are differences from last time you felt it. If she gets worse, a vet would be a good idea but do what you can with her at home. You'll know if she really needs to go or not.

Good Luck! Keep us updated on her
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It could be worms. My kitten also has a hard round belly and it wasn't until he was wormed that they started to come out in his litter tray. They are only coming out now because of the treatment.
I'd try worming him again.
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