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Curious Question

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What is the cost for a vet visit in your area? Just the office visit alone no other costs? Here I pay $30.00 in office and $40.00 if it is a farm call.
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About $25 US for an appointment with the lovely Brendan, my vet - and worth every penny as he is tall, dark, handsome, and really gentle with my cats.

Sorry, forgot about the VAT - including the tax it is just under $30.
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Here I pay $35.00 for vet visit without shots. $45.00 with shots, if FeLV it is an additional $30.00
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17.50 at Vista Pet Hospital, $20 at Companion pet clinic (but I won't go back there again)
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I just switched Vets and when I took Tiki in last week it cost $8.89 for the office call. The urinalysis was only $10.00 and I got 2 med's for $5.62 and $3.32. Plus I bought some Urine Erase Solution (is this a good product? I haven't tried it yet) for $6.51. Then they were so nice they gave me a 10% discount since I was a new customer! So my total bill that day was only $31.68!! I thought that was pretty cheap...especially now that I see what all of you guys are paying just for the office visit!!
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When I lived in San Diego I could find good vets for prices like the ones listed. 15-20 for the vet visit and reasonable meds. I now live in a very small town out in the middle of no where and the visit is 25 for each cat and the meds are twice as much as I used to pay. I do it myself now and order my prescription meds on-line. No vet visit cost and minimal meds and shots. Of course the vet has seen my cats and I will take them to the vet in the instance of an emergency.
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I think it is $38, I think for the office visit and I think that includes the exam.
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$28.00-$38.00 For an office call here. No shots.
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Average here is $35-$55, less shots.

I've found a low-cost shot clinic, though - $6-$9 per shot.
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$9 otherwise it's $28
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I think it's around $40, but the emergency clinic that we took Nakita to when we first got her was $100!

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i took Tigger to the vet 2 weeks ago, and it cost me around $60. That included: her shot, prescription of Clavamox, and a toe nail trim. The toe nail trim cost me $14.00! $14.00 just for a toe nail trim!
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You know I'm not really sure what the office visit alone costs...I just pay for it all together, and I never check to see what just the office visit was. I should pay more attention. I know it costs me about $50 to have a cat spayed and a little less for neutering.
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Originally posted by Debby
I know it costs me about $50 to have a cat spayed and a little less for neutering.

Is that total price?

My vets have quoted me $50 and $80. Of course that doesn't include prep time, use of equipment, meds, whatever else. I'm looking at $200 a piece. That doesn't include any precautionary stuff like an IV or anything.
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wow, that's a lot! I got a coupon in the mail for spay $28.50 and neuter for about $22! That includes the exam!
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Yes that is the total price as long as I have them do several cats at once. It's sort of a group discount they give me, I think. But if I just took one in I think it is more like $60 or $65 but that covers everything. We had several strays show up here last summer and I took in several at once to be fixed since they said they would give me a cheaper rate.
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Opie was already neutered, when I got him and the $65 fee for Rowdy included spaying. Its going to cost me $65 to have Pearl spayed, at the Humane Society. They charge too much for shots, though.
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It is FREE at my vet! The spaying/neutering is cheap, $16.50 for a male and $19.00 for a female!
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In the long run, the spay/neuter pays for itself. It costs $75 to license an unaltered dog and $8, for an altered one. Cats don't have to be licensed, here but, I'm not keeping an intact male cat. Sometimes, an intact male human is bad enough!
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Ronnie cost $80 US from the RSPCA but that included her first two sets of jabs, sterilisation, and a micro-chip. A bargain.

Alf cost $20 US from the RSPCA (about 7 years ago) but that included just his spaying, but I stupidly lost the voucher so had to pay for it myself. But god-love 'em, the RSPCA sent the boys round to tell me off for not having him done - I had to prove that he had been fixed!
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$20 for us
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Hmm - incl. distemper and rabies shot about $75.00
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I priced one vet. This is not a joke. $85. just to bring the cat in for exam. $45. for shots and that dosen't include Rabies it cost $14. for that. Another $85. to spay! I laughed and hung up the phone!
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I just took rocket in for one shot and it cost $26.00 for the whole thing, I think it's $20.00 per visit? something like that.
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