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Hyper Sensitivity Disorder

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I think my 20 pounded short haired cat has some kind of hyper Sensitivity Disorder, because when I rub him right next to his tail he starts to lick him self rapidly and when I stop rubbing him he returns to state of being normal. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with him, thanks for any help.

John Bauer
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Is your cat just a large cat at 20lbs or is he overweight? Overweight cats can have skin issues. My obese cat will do the same thing that you are talking about because her skin is dry and not well groomed in that area because she can't reach there.
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My small 8 lb Fred would do it, and my 10 lb Pearl will do it. Fred began doing it after a head injury, and Pearl had been severely abused before I got her. Both seem slightly mentally retarded, for lack of a better word, Pearl more so than Fred. They seemed really happy when it was happening. I have seen cats tht were perfectly normal do it, too. Maybe it is just one of the little feline oddities we all love. I hope your kitty is ok.
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Take the kitty to the vet. There are a number of disorders that can cause this. It could be anything from a skin problem to a neurological issue. The vet will probably take a blood sample and maybe a skin sample.
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Thank you guys for all your consideration. I will probably take him into the vet, but he has already had a check up and they said he was fine. But I will do it anyways because I don't think they did any of that research like that on him.
@Kitytize He is an overweight cat. His weight range is around 20 pounds, like maybe 23 or something. I purchased him in Washington D.C where the weather was colder and there weren't any coyotes like there is over here, so he could go outside. My Hypothesis is that maybe that being inside all the time caused a skin problem. I found similar problems also on youtube, like this cat here except it doesn't make weird alien like gargling sounds but licks its fur. Its more like a cat named Cassiehere
@krazykat Thank you for your input. My cat acts kind of retarded himself. When we call my other cats name he will come running and acted confused some times. He loves to eat my other cats food and kitty treats(temptations). I am thinking maybe when the cat flew across country it could of happened.
@bab-ush-kin Yeah I think it is a skin problem though it could be a neurological problem and I will take him in to the vet to see. My other cat just had a surgery where she had to have medicine forced into her mouth to stop a bad soar, then her canine teeth got loose and they had to take them out so she is left with just little teeth. Before that she got fleas and we had to give her a flea bath and you know how much cats hate water. Well I guess thats all I have to say.
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Almost every cat/kitten I've ever owned and/or fostered has done that, I always just thought they were annoyed that I messed up their fur, LOL.
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They do this instinctively. You interrupt their scent by placing your scent over theirs. When they start to lick and groom themselves where you touched them, they are putting their scent back where it belongs. Especially in a multi cat home, this will stop many a conflilct because the cat doesn't smell right to the others. No vet is needed for this.
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Howdy, I am right here with my cat bull dozer right know yeah he had to get another flea spray today. He seems really happy right now. Just hope he doesn't remember my password Yeah I agree with hissy on this I think because I never remembered him doing this before my other cat Sicily, named after the beautiful region of Italy, was around. Well Thanks again.
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Please be careful on using flea sprays. Many of them available at stores and pet supply warehouses can do much more harm than good. There are safer products at your vet's clinic.
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I didn't do it myself but the vet insisted. A lot of fleas came off of him. There are none right now.
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