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Warning: Cuteness Overload

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It's 1am and I had to get up to put Sierra's cloths in the dryer for in the morning for school. Well guess what I see when I walk through the living room. This... I just couldn't wait till 7am to post this.

Now there is two layers to the cat tree. But evidently the top one is best and they don't mind sharing.

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how sweet are they!!! and wow- look at that puffy tail!!
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lol. Another good reason for his name to be Puff. lol
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How cute, I just love the fluffy tail, it's like Blossoms'.
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Awwww now that's what i call being close
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Aw, there's nothing better than snuggly kitties!!

That is one impressive tail on Mr. Puff!! I'm hoping now that it's getting a little chilly that I'll be able to catch some kitty snuggle action...
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That is precious...OMG Puffs Tail is enormous
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Aww, see what you get when you get up at 1:00 in the morning! PUFF'S TAIL is so L O N G and P U F F Y.
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Awww, very cute!
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Wow!!! What a tail!!!
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They're adorable! Wonderful tail!
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both kitties look so snuggly and cute looks comfy
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Awwww, that is so sweet!
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