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hairless spot?

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Hi All,

A few days ago I notices that my cat have a dime size hairless spot on the back and now it become quarter size, cat is 14yrs old indoor cat and recently I switch from Serengeti to Orijen. I also start feeding a young cat that hanging around my house. I have done some search on the net and found the following possibility

Other than stress I think all other are possible, is there other reason that will course a hairless spot? I am going to take him to the vet in the next two day I just want to get some advise from you boy and girl. Oh, cat seen perfect normal other than that spot.

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Being 14 years old, it could be a symptom of something going wrong inside the body. I definately reccomend a vet visit as you are planning.

I do suggest that you do a senior blood panel also if you have not done one recently.
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If its one spot, usually its ringworm. Have the vet look at him soon - ringworm can spread and is easily passed on to other cats and people !
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